The Inheritor of the Crescent Moon

The Inheritor of the Crescent Moon
(Sengoku Gyoujin Dullahan: Kagen no Keishousha)
Type: TV
Genres: Martial Arts, Historical, Mecha, Samurai, Drama, Action, Adventure
Start Date:
End Date:
Age Rating: -
This story re-imagines Japan's violent Sengoku Era - instead of traditional samurai armor, legendary figures like Date Masamune fight wearing Gishin powered suits. Masamune's armor is called Oryu; however, the robot is too strong for the young Masamune to control, which leads to the death of many people. Fearing the power of Oryu, the other daimyo form an alliance against Masamune in order to destroy it. (Source: ANN)