Stitch!: Zutto Saikou no Tomodachi

Stitch!: Zutto Saikou no Tomodachi
スティッチ!~ずっと最高のトモダチ~ (Stitch!: Zutto Saikou no Tomodachi)
Type: TV
Genres: Comedy, Kids, Adventure
Start Date: 2010-07-06
End Date: 2011-03-08
Episodes: 29
Episode Length: 25 min
Total Length: 725 min
Age Rating: PG - Children
In their new adventure, Yuuna and Stitch move from their small island Izayoi to the Okinawa main island where Yuuna is supposed to visit a school. A new cast of friends awaits them there as well as a new crisis approaching from space. (Source: AniDB)