Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!!

Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!!
好きです鈴木くん!! (Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!!)
Type: OVA
Genres: Romance
Start Date: 2009-12-18
End Date: 2010-07-26
Episodes: 2
Episode Length: 15 min
Total Length: 30 min
Age Rating: PG - Teens 13 or older
The story of the manga centers on four classmates who just entered the same junior high school together. On the first day of school, a boy named Hikaru Suzuki sees a talented girl named Sayaka performing lines from a drama on the school's rooftop, and he cannot take his eyes off her. Even as Hikaru becomes interested in Sayaka, his longtime friend Chihiro secretly pines for him. On top of that, a boy named Shinobu Suzuki — no relation to Hikaru — is falling for Chihiro. (Source: ANN)