Little Baldy Hagemaru

Little Baldy Hagemaru
つるピカハゲ丸くん (Tsurupika Hagemaru-kun)
Type: TV
Genres: Comedy, Kids
Start Date: 1988-03-03
End Date: 1989-08-30
Episodes: 59
Episode Length: 24 min
Total Length: 1416 min
Age Rating: PG - Children
Hagemaru Hageda is a young kid, studying in fourth standard living with his parents in Japan. Only child of his parents, he and his parents are a big misers. They do anything for saving money and this is the basic plot of the show. Hagemaru also has a pet dog named Pesu, who often comments about Hagemaru's family being too miser and not giving him anything to eat. He is best friend of his class-mate Masaru Kondo and he has a crush on Midori, a girl from his class. In most of the episodes, Hagemaru goes to school and the story revolves around his teacher (his 'miss') and his friends. At the end of the each episode, top ten snippets are shown.