Tteodori Kkachi

Tteodori Kkachi
떠돌이 까치 (Tteodori Kkachi)
Type: special
Genres: Sports, Drama
Start Date: 1987-05-05
End Date: 1987-05-05
Episodes: 1
Episode Length: 85 min
Total Length: 85 min
Age Rating: G -
Kkachi is a young boy who lost his mother at the age of 6 and lives with his father who has the habit of crossing Korea with his caravan but they suddenly move to Seoul where he joins baseball team at his college and his father marries a new wife. His father wants to force him to forget about losing his mother and has to learn to live with her father's new wife and daughter of hers, Annie, a young handicapped girl who moves in a wheelchair. It took him a while to finally accept his stepmother and his new sister. During this period, he is fully participating in baseball quickly becoming the star player on his team and got to know Julie, with whom he gets along... (Source: AniDB)