Astrogems Farming Guide for Beginners [Free Methods]

Now Astrogems are the real money currency in the game. This guide is dedicated to f2p players and we will give you all the available methods to farm these precious gems to progress faster in the game.

Experience TableProgressionEvolution/AscensionAstrogem Farming
Tier ListCatch AstromonGold FarmingLeader Skill

Finding Nezz


Nezz appears with a red alert icon above his head randomly in the airship. Find him to obtain 3 astrogems.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Quest Rewards

Pay attention to the following tasks to obtain Astrogems.


  • 5 Astrogems – Enter Starstone Dungeon once
  • 5 Astrogems – Enter Elemental Dungeon once


Complete all weekly tasks to get 60 Astrogems.

  • Win 250 Battles – 30k gold
  • Evolve 3 Astromons – 1 Secret Egg
  • Play Gold Dungeon 5 times – 10k gold
  • Upgrade gems 60 times – 30 energy
  • Play Golem Dungeon 10 times – 30 energy


Completing all daily quests 25 times gives you 100 astrogems.

Capture and Challenges Quests


Capturing various astromons will net you bonus astrogems.


Various challenges will give you a healthy number of astrogems. Most of them involves completing certain tasks such as capturing Miho

Capturing New Astromons


For each new astromon you capture, you get bonus astrogems. The number of astrogems you get depends on the rarity of the astromon. Higher rarity astromons will give you more astrogems. Also keep in mind that the evolved versions will also give you bonus astrogems as well. In short, make sure to capture new astromons in story mode. Evolve all astromons if you can!

Friends List


For every 5 friends you send a gift to, you get 1 astrogem. If you fill out your friends list at 50 and you send daily, you can get about ~60 weekly.


That is about it folks! I will start adding more methods as I get myself further in the game!

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