Top 10 Best Anime Blogs You Should Follow


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Here are my top 10 anime blogs that I find are of high quality and I enjoy watching their content. This list is in no particular order as I visit them all the time.

BlogBrief Summary
AnifilereviewsLawrence Simpson does written anime reviews plus plenty of fan fiction for anime and video games in video format.
BenTheSage.comBen does very well articulated video reviews of individual anime. The commentary is excellent and is perfect for viewers still deciding whether to watch that anime.
Randomc.netRandomc does very detailed individual anime reviews of all genres. There are a team of passionate and dedicated anime writers producing fresh anime content every month.
TenkaSeiha.orgTenka provides detailed anime review with a massive picture gallery. Always a pleasure to read the reviews.
Cjins BlogspotDoes top 10 favorite anime and video game lists. Has a big focus on gundams, which is my favorite mecha types.
NotCliche.comAn anime and video game blog with the latest news and updates. I always check them out for new and interesting stuff.
Chikitora.comChikitora does slice of life, romance and comedy anime reviews. Anime episode reviews are in depth and also very well articulated!
AnimeDiet.netDoes anime reviews and more importantly, if you enjoy podcasts, they offer one!
AnimeBlogReviews.comGreat reviews and top anime list. I always refer to it when I want to watch new anime. Christian does a great job with the blog.
Angry Anime BitchesFunny site name with extremely entertaining anime reviews written by some talented anime writers.


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