Top 21 Best Annie Cosplays from League of Legends [DeviantArt Cosplayers]

Many of us know Annie as a character in League of Legends, a little girl with pinkish hair who carries an interesting and intricate little bear around.  Some of us might know the lore on this little spitfire as well, and many are fascinated by how strong she is as a champion in this popular game. From a young age, the girl has had enormous magical powers, even creating a giant bear named Tibbers out of a stuffed animal from the magic she had.

Her lineage is interesting, and many of us are dazzled in battle by this magical character.  But, have you seen the cosplays many have done of her?  Well, you’re about to step into the realm of this magical and mystical creature through the creative cosplays many have done.  This list has complied the top 18 cosplays on DeviantArt who cosplay this little spitfire, and there are even alternate skins included in this.

We have included classic annie, frostfire, goth, prom queen, reverse, panda, sweetheart, hextech, red riding, annie in wonderland and frankentibbers.

Classic Annie

Yaseminkaraca (Small)


yovonvon (Small)


zombiebitme (Small)


titanesqucosplay (Small)

bitsycosplay (Small)


MooglechanCosplay (Small)

Goth Annie

zella annie (Small)

Frostfire Annie

nunally cosplay annie (Small)


molidxnya (Small)


kairi-i (Small)


  1. Anne