Top 5 Best Baby Lotion [Review & Recommendations]

Top 5 Best Baby Lotion [Review & Recommendation]

If you’re looking for a nice baby lotion, you may have noticed that pretty much all of the baby lotion reviews will tell you the same thing. Quite surprisingly, is the amount of time you’ll take while finding the best baby lotion. We have done some research for you. We look for the ones that will keep the baby’s skin soft and supple, protecting it from infections.

What to Look for in a Baby Lotion

Ingredients in the package

It is always important to cross check the content of the bottle before buying. Ensure that the lotion comes from a trusted company and the ingredients contained in the lotion are what you feel are most important to the baby.

Is the lotion filled with organic or natural products?

Although, this may seem to be a good idea choosing natural over organic, but most brands choose to use these words for the sake of advertising. So, it is quite important to look for lotions that are chemical-free.And if you’re uncertain it is better to contact a doctor before using the lotion on the body of your little one.

What is the intent of buying the lotion?

Knowing which lotion is best to buy and what it is intended for is essential. For example, if the lotion is meant for healing diaper rash, then why buy one that contains harsh ingredients that will give your baby allergic reactions?

Top 5 Recommended Baby Lotions


1.Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion


Aveeno has a powerful ingredient that works well on sensitive skins of babies. It also contains oats which are a soothing ingredient that not only calms the skin but also nourishes it. And what makes it desirable is the fact that it is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

More to that are the emollients that will moisturize even the driest skin of any of your littlie one

The Aveeno formulation won’t clog skin pores, and because it’s free from alcohol, it’ll never dry the baby’s pores and skin. It moisturizes the body 24 hours including being gentle on newborn babies.

Generally, it is considered to be a good fit when moms need a baby lotion that shows less inflammation and soreness of a baby’s skin and which is smoother while at the same time making the baby peaceful.


• Fast absorbing formulation

• Keeps the skin moisturized always

• Great for even the most sensitive skin

• Free of scent, non-comedogenic, and gentle

2.Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment Baby Lotion


It is quite an uncommon to find a diaper allergy ointment that soothes the allergy and stops more discomfort. There are a variety of different diaper allergy remedies out there, but Aquaphor offers a convenient and more probable solution. It is uniquely formulated to provide extra care and gentleness to the baby’s skin.

. This lotion is effective in moisturizing, calming and protecting the skin which is possible with the addition of chamomile substance and vitamin B5 supplements. Therefore it is such a multi-purpose ointment that you can always use to treat the baby’s skin from diaper rashes, chapped cheeks, scratches and even drier skins.

You will find no perfumes, dyes, or chemical preservatives in this ointment making it an ideal solution for baby’s delicate skins.


• Ideal for treating diaper rash

• Moisturizes dried out skin and minimizes irritations

• Free from dyes, perfumes, and chemical preservatives

• Contains chamomile substance and Vitamin B5

3. California Baby Everyday Calendula Lotion


This baby lotion is an all- in one natural baby lotion that works well for babies with sensitive skin. And most important is that the lotion is extremely calming and pleasurable. It contains 100 % natural ingredients such as calendula, rosehip olive oil, and aloe vera.


• Mixed with vitamin E and calendula

• Contains increased hip olive oil and aloe vera in a natural way to treat your skin

• Keep the skin moisturized and calm

4. Johnson’s Natural Baby Lotion


The Johnson’s is an all natural baby lotion that is mild with hypo allergic fragrances.It is gentle on the skin and works well as a skin moisturizer. It also contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which works as a mosquito repellant keeping the baby’s skin smooth and healthy. In addition to soaking in the skin faster, it leaves the baby’s skin feeling gentle and relaxed.

However, this creamy lotion has been noted to be runny on the skin.


• Contains 99% natural ingredients

• Gentle enough for newborns

• Strengthens baby’s skin making it feeling gentle and smooth

5. Cetaphil Fragrance-free Moisturizing Lotion


While most people say that Cetaphil is hypoallergenic, indeed it is and it is free of parabens such as dyes which might be harmful to the baby’s skin. Apart from moisturizing the skin, it is also known for fighting eczema.Therefore if your baby is having an irritable skin, flare-ups, this lotion works well to improve itchy, scaly as well as chapped skins.

The only downside about using the Cetaphil baby lotion is that it is runny and stings on dry skins.


• Ideal for healing skin problems such as Eczema and other forms of chronic skin diseases

• It is ideal for both the body and face

How to apply baby lotions on newborns

Whereas it is not so much advisable to use lotions on skins of newborn babies, but in the case where your newborn baby’s skin looks dry and it needs moisturizing, you’ll need to consider using a lotion that is mild and free of fragrances and dyes.

Applying Baby Lotion on a Newborn

A newborn baby’s skin is very sensitive and using lotions on a baby’s skin will cause the baby’s body to absorb chemicals that could damage the baby’s system.

While applying the lotion to the baby’s skin, make sure that the baby’s skin is not damp. Then apply either Aquaphor or johnson’s baby lotion to help soothe the baby’s discomfort. Smear the lotion on the desired area and massage repeatedly until all the lotion clears. But remember to do so after washing the baby’s body with clean water and drying it.

It is also important to note that these baby lotions are for external use only.Therefore you’ll need to keep them out of reach of children.