[Top 5] Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

[Top 5] Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets


If you’re going on a long road trip on your motorcycle, the traditional helmets just won’t do. The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets keep you connected to other travelers within reasonable range; they also allow you to safely communicate with family and friends while on the go. Enjoy your favorite MP3s all the way!


Before buying the best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet, here’s a brief buyer’s guide;


Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Choices


While some Bluetooth devices have been specially designed for use on motorcycle helmets, most helmets come preinstalled with Bluetooth equipment. As a mark of quality, the Bluetooth component should easily connect with the latest technology.


Compatibility should extend to MP3 players, laptops, GPS consoles and even video game consoles. The only restriction should be the range of connectivity. Many helmets have flexible boom mics to cancel out the noise when communicating. Long-lasting and rechargeable Lithium batteries keep you connected for hours.


Helmets preinstalled with Bluetooth


The 5 best Bluetooth helmets featured here have been custom designed to house the set. Apart from blending in and functioning excellently, you forego complex installation and awkward appearances. For first time users, they are highly convenient and with no fuss.


Capable Bluetooth devices for helmets


These clip onto the helmet and can be stored away after use. Some models may require careful and complex installation procedures, for instance, screwing holes into your helmet. Though there’s the convenience of using the helmet you’ve comfortably worn for years, the set still looks out of place.


Usage and Safety of Bluetooth


Bluetooth devices emit an equal or less amount of the microwaves than an average cell phone. In all the helmets, the set is located on the outer surface of the helmet, increasing safety significantly. Bluetooth helmets are thus safer to use than smartphones, which we all use constantly.


Personal Area Network (PAN)


For excellent communication with your device of choice to be achieved, the Bluetooth helmet has to be within a relatively small yardage. The standard Bluetooth PAN is anywhere between 33 ft. to 2300 ft. Before settling for a helmet, ensure the Bluetooth range will suit your needs.


Why You Should Have a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet


The freedom that comes with Bluetooth connectivity is the biggest attraction. When you purchase a Bluetooth-enabled motorcycle helmet, you numerous benefits such as;


# Communication


With a Bluetooth helmet, you get to answer, carry on and conclude conversations virtually hands-free. All modern smartphones are equipped with the ability to use Bluetooth receivers. Apart from phone capacity, these 5 best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have two or multiline communicating options; communicating with nearby friends and family is made intricately easier.


Some Bluetooth helmets, however, lack the multiline communication feature, requiring you to buy a matching set. You have to be within close proximity for effective communication, ideally other riders.


# Comprehensive Music Entertainment


Most MP3 music players are compatible with Bluetooth helmets. While riding down the highway, you get to listen to clear music from within the helmet. There is far less interference as compared to a handlebar radio. Whatever you listen to is private and for your personal enjoyment.


# GPS Handling


GPS navigational control is the Holy Grail of Bluetooth technology for motorcycle enthusiasts. With these helmets, you receive real-time and in-ear GPS guidance at every turn; you won’t have to stop and pull out your map anymore. Though GPS solutions have been developed for bikers, they all require attention and might be difficult to operate.


The Bluetooth mic picks up voice prompts and executes the GPS executes them accordingly, allowing you to focus entirely on the road.


5 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets from Amazon


1. TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet


This revolutionary Bluetooth helmet is 20% smaller than its bulky competitors, offering you equal protection. Its intake venting is significant, with the incredible Venturi venting located at the rear. Th front chin bar’s one-button release mechanism adds to the ease-of-use.


Embedded with Bluetooth 2.0 technology, you can stream your favorite jams, send and receive calls on the go. GPS directions are clearly audible. The helmet is DOT and ECE certified. Featuring the latest Blinc Technology, ‘Blinc Mini’, the Bluetooth set now has the longest battery life and the loudest, clearest sound.


The interior has been laser cut to form-fit around the specific user’s head. Its stainless steel latch system promotes safety.


2 ILM Stealth Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet



With its Bluetooth 2.0 technology, this helmet gives you uninterrupted 8 hours of talk time and 110 hours on standby. The vents are adjustable and the Microfiber Liner is fully washable. To give you a flawless experience, the Helmet has a One-touch control for answering, rejecting and redialing calls.


All incoming phone calls override GPS navigation audio, FM, music and intercom. The rider-to-rider intercom works to a maximum of 100 ft. for noise suppression and Echo cancellation, the helmet uses DSP technology; even in high speeds, the audio remains clear. This Bluetooth helmets meets and exceeds all DOT and ECE safety standards.


The helmet’s construction is sturdy and of high quality, complete with a groovy outlook.


3. FreedConn Flip up Dual Visors Full Face Helmet


With its universal Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, this helmet keeps you connected with your music player, GPS system and cellphone. The built-in Bluetooth intercom functions optimally in distances not more than 500m, keeping you in touch with two riding buddies.


To ensure a more comfortable ride, the helmet features an ABS lightweight shell. The liner and check pads can be removed for easy cleaning. Its user friendly design also allows for easy control when switching between calls and GPS functions. The helmet exceeds all DOT requirements.


4. Hawk H-66 Flat Black Dual-Visor Modular Helmet



This Hawk Bluetooth motorcycle helmet gives you an unmatched open-face and full-face features. It has both a retractable smoked sun-visor and the main anti-scratch visor, keeping your eyes safe even on the brightest days. Its ABS thermoplastic shell makes it light and incredibly sturdy.


Its Blinc Bluetooth technology allows you to listen to music, make and receive calls and listen in on GPS instructions hands-free. In the package, you receive the helmet, its manual, a Bluetooth manual, battery and charger. Noise-cancellation features ensure the audio is clear even at high speeds.


5. HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Helmet



Made of advanced injection-molded Lightweight Polycarbonate, the helmet’s shell is superlight and sturdy. A single button is used to control face shield release of the one-handed chin bar. To ensure a perfect fit and comfort, the helmet comes equipped with the latest CAD technology.


Its Bluetooth Ready feature has integrated interior and recess speaker cavities. Your face is protected from 95% of UV rays by its optically superior face shield. The quick-slide shield replacement system doesn’t require any tools.


To flush all humidity and heat, this helmet uses the Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACS), ensuring complete front to back airflow.