[Top 5] Best Can Openers to Pop a Can


Food varieties are canned in order to preserve them and to increase their life. Also, today most of the food products come in canned form and we buy them. A new survey shows that 90% of all Americans depend on canned fruits and vegetables for their diet.

These days can openers come with different functions and uses and hence buying a can opener is like buying a kitchen tool rather than a simple tool.

Quality, features and cost are the main factors we must keep in mind to select them. A good can opener should be light weight, should reduce the work by the user, handy and of course strong enough. Also, we make sure that the can opener we select are capable of opening all sizes of can i.e. they should be universal. Being a small item, a lot of varieties are available in the market. So, we have shortlisted 5 of them from the online shopping giant amazon.com on the basis of average customer reviews. So, go through the article carefully to select the best.

Many kitchen brands tend to produce can openers in the market and the online shopping sites are flooded with these but we have selected a few that we thought that may satisfy your needs.

a) Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener


The Hamilton Beach Can Opener is the best seller among the ‘Top 5 Best Can Openers’. This sturdy black mechanical tool is packed with a lot of features like removable and washable cutting unit, knife sharpener and automatic shutoff and also has a cord storage. It is the first among others to have the Sure Cut technology that makes opening easy. Hamilton Beach brand will explain the brand value of the tool and in the way its quality. All these features make it a product that should be considered before buying a can opener.

This can opener is recommended for users who need something more than a can opener.

b) KitchenAid Can Opener


The KitchenAid can opener is the most affordable and attractive can opener among its rivals. The product comes with supreme quality stainless steel cutting tool, plastic handles with maximum grip, and large easy to turn knob to reduce the stress. These kind of can openers will really help customers who can’t take much strain in their hands like old citizens and arthritis patients. This can opener will match customers who need a simple and classic can opener and isn’t too pricey. The KitchenAid can opener is available in many attractive colors.

c) Good Cook Classic Safe Cut Can Opener


This simple can opener will really suit users who need a standard can opener, but this simple gadget has some real power with it The Good Cook Classic Safe Cut has heavy duty chrome metal body and ensures safety by not letting the can opener touch the contents inside and is very safe to use and also leaves behind smooth and safe edges. When an unsafe tool used for opening cans touch the contents in the can it may affect the hygiene of the food and also smooth edges ensures that no cuts or wounds occur from the edges.

The manufacturer claims lifetime satisfaction guarantee to the customers. Canned foods are meant to last for months so spoiling them is an utter wastage of money. This product is also recommended for users that need just a quality can opener with limited features. But the product is worth its cost.

d) Emssi Can Opener


The Emssi can opener is a great one to own. is the perfect tool for removing lids from cans without leaving sharp edges, eliminating the possibility of injuries. The 3 in 1 Peeler has a rotary wheel with 3 stainless-steel blades and is perfect for paleo, vegan, diabetic, weight loss and gluten-free diets, to create fast and delicious meals. You will spend less time prepping and cooking and more time enjoying your meals. Plus, its also one of the hottest selling can opener currently.

e) OXO Good Grip Can Opener


The last but not the least, the OXO Good Grip Can Opener is another best in the series of can openers from OXO. It has sturdy stainless steel body, easily turn able large knobs and built in bottle opener like the other OXO product. The special design and soft handles reduces the strain in the hand and makes it easy to open the can This product also has a satisfaction guarantee by the manufacturer is priced at $13.95. Customers who like to have an ordinary but feature packed can opener would really like this can product and can openers from OXO really satisfy these kinds of customers. So, hurry up and grab an opener to pop a Green Giant can…