[ Top 5 ] Best Car Oil Filters


With vehicles operating under some extreme road and weather conditions, your best bet is an engine that runs efficiently. To have your engine running at optimum performance, you need premium engine oil that can withstand high temperatures and a good oil filter to keep the engine oil free of any abrasive particles.

How to Pick the Right Car Oil Filters


The most dominant factor when selecting the ideal car oil filter is the car itself. However, there are three more crucial factors that will assist with your decision making.



Car oil filters are categorized into three main types; primary, secondary and magnetic. Most cars are known to have primary oil filters by default. This kind of oil filter can handle large volumes with ease.


Secondary oil filters are made particularly for diesel and gasoline powered engines. They are known to prolong engine life since secondary filters provide for a more thorough oil cleaning. They require minimum oil changes which make them ideal for long drives.


Lastly, magnetic filters are more intense and advanced. They contain a small magnet embedded within or outside the canister for trapping even the smallest metal pieces which can damage the engine.




While various oil filters may appear similar, their sizes and part numbers vary according to the vehicles for which they were made. To select the right size, you have to consider the year, brand and model of your car. Buying the wrong size may cause the engine to leak as the gasket may be too big or small for your vehicle’s engine.


To ensure that you get the size right, you can read your car’s manual which indicates the size and type of the oil filter you should indicate. Another option is to check for the part number at the bottom of the oil filter you are changing.




To ensure that you have the right car oil filter, you need to inspect its structure. Look out for the number of pleats as it indicates how much dirt it could collect. See if the filter’s end cap is made of metal or cardboard, cardboard ones lose quality fast.


Again, the anti-drain back valve should be made of silicone or rubber and should fit tightly to prevent the oil from being contaminated. A metal bypass valve lasts longer than a plastic one. Again, the best gasket seals are usually made of rubber.


Recommend 5 Car Oil Filters from Amazon


1. Mobil 1 Extended-Performance Filter




This oil filter comes from one of the finest manufacturers in the industry. It produces high-quality filters, and also saves you valuable time since you do not have to bother comparing with numerous variations.


Mobil’s oil has a carefully formulated composition which offers a long-life engine performance especially since today’s drain intervals are longer. Compared to other brands with a total capacity of 28 grams, this oil can trap more contaminants including the smallest of particles. Additionally, it can withstand up to nine times of the normal system operating pressure, hence offering exceptional engine protection.


The oil filter utilizes a back valve that is anti-drain, which reduces internal leakage during shutdown which makes it very efficient in preventing dry starts.


On the downside, it feels less sturdy compared to other brands due to its small size and weight.


2. The Royal Purple




Meet another performance-oriented brand. This one has a close resemblance to the Mobil1 Extended performance. However, it has a thicker shell which provides additional strength. Apart from making the oil filter durable, its thick shell also makes it more resistant to high internal pressure.


This oil filter uses high quality 100% artificial micro-glass media for enhanced filtering efficiency. With a 99% superior filtration, you can trap particles as minute as 25 microns. At the same time, the design can still accommodate low flow restrictions.


It also utilizes a silicone made anti-drain back valve to prevent dry starts.


3. ACDelco Engine Oil Filter




ACDelco has a reputation for building reliable automotive accessories. The ACDelco oil filter can trap up to 98% of the particles. The design features multi-layer filtering nets and a cellulose media which enhance the filtering to an efficacy of 25-30 microns.


Another impressive feature with the ACDelco is its thermosetting adhesive seal which holds the filtering media intact for consistent filtration. As the temperatures go up, the seal becomes tighter.


Its aluminum shell gives it five times more powerful burst threshold than other brands making it more durable.


Although this may not be the finest oil filter in the market, its excellent filter capacity, consistent flow management, enhanced efficiency, high durability and its compatibility with 97% of all vehicles makes it a nice pick.


4. The Bosch Premium FILTECH




Bosch is not a new name in the automobile accessory industry. You can never go wrong with Bosch when looking for a company that covers a broad range of automotive products and accessories.


As the name suggests, this design uses elite FILTECH technology to trap more contaminants and protect the engine. Bosch FILTECH is a combination natural and synthetic material. The filter is made of aluminum and a sturdy steel base plate to prevent poor fit, warpage, and leakages which can be caused by high engine temperatures.


It’s anti-drain back valve ensures that the engine gets a fresh oil supply every time the vehicle starts. This brand has a 42% larger filtering area and a 30% thicker media.


5. Fram Extra Guard Filter




Our list of the top 5 best car oil filters concludes with the Fram Extra Guard Filter. This product is relatively cheap compared to what you pay for the other brands. However, this is not to mean that is in any way less effective.


This brand is an excellent oil filter for essential needs. It features a 5,000-mile protection range, a 95% efficiency rate and is compatible with the most common engine oil.


The Fram Extra Guard is a great brand that strikes a balance between dirt-trapping efficiency and its capacity to hold dirt. One of its unique features is the grip surface. It is used for exerting torque and preventing possible slip.


When creating this oil filter, the designers had the daily driver in mind.