Top 5 Best Hair Curling Machine [For Awesome Women]

For women who wants curly hair, the only way to attain it sometimes is by purchasing the best hair curly machine. When choosing a hair curling machine, some factors to consider before buying are the features, design and the options it has, to ensure you are getting the perfect machine that will do everything you want.

How to Pick Hair Curling Machines

Here are some of the things to look into when choosing the best Hair Curling machine.

A. The size of the barrel. Most Curly hair machines have widths that are ranging from 3/8 to 2 inches. The barrels with smaller widths provides you tighter curls while the barrels with larger barrels gives you looser curls. The smaller barrels are perfect if you have flat and thin hair while the larger barrels are ideal if you have thick hair.

B. Temperature/heat settings. The intensity of heat needed always varies depending on the thickness of your hair. Always keep in mind that when the temperature is very high, the chances of damaging your hair are high. Different types of hairs are curled using various heat setting. If you have thick hair, then you require more heat, but if you have thin hair, it is ideal to use low heat.

C. The material of the heating element. The curling machines are made using different materials. The ceramic and tourmaline materials are the safest to use for it provides uniform temperature in the barrel. The negative ions generated makes your hair frizz-free. Chrome and gold barrels do not have negative ions thus don’t fight frizz. If you have thin hair, curly machines with metal steam barrels are the perfect.

D. The shape of the barrel. The curling machines have different shapes of the barrels. The most common barrel shape is straight barrels which allow you to get coils and ringlets. The cone shaped wands provide you the ability to create thicker and thinner curls by the same tool. The double barrels are ideal for long hair and provide your hair a figure 8 shape waves. Flat irons are mostly used to curl hair. But you require a hair straightener to attain best results.

Top 5 Best Curly Hair Machine from Amazon

1. Remington CI9538 Tstudio Digital Ceramic Curing Wand


This wand is featured with a high-tech ceramic wand lined with the real pearls. The patent-pending tech provides the most enhanced ceramic surface leaving your hair incredibly smooth and silky with the bright luster. This hair curling machine automatically shuts off in an hour thus you do not have to worry half way through the day whether you remembered to switch your machine off since it will have that done for you. With this model, you can get professional results since you can set the temperature right from 240 to 410 degrees to get high-quality salon heat.

This model ranges from 1 to one and a half inches so you can quickly create a wrap and go curls of multiple sizes. The wand features a heat up time of about thirty seconds giving you a quick, easy way to acquire gorgeous curls. It also features a temperature lock whereby the straightener beeps once it reaches the optimal temperature you had selected. The wand comes with a heat protective gloves that allow you to style your hair carefully away from the optimal heat.


The wand has a cone shaped design hence you can style hair curls of different sizes.
The auto shutoff feature allows you to sustained energy when not in use.
Contains intuitive buttons that enable you to control the power and temperature.

Takes time to learn how to use the wand.

2. Hot Tools Pro Curling Iron


This curling machine is the most enhanced professional tool ever for styling. It has patented pulse technology for fast heat up. It is one of the hottest curling iron on the market. This curling iron can reach up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit which is the best temperature for thick and coarse hair. It features ten temperature options, thus if you have fine or thin hair, you can look a setting that is perfect for your hair type. However, the minimum temperature on this model is 280 degrees Fahrenheit.
This curling iron features a spring clamp design which holds hair tightly in position. It also has the basic design of the curling iron, but it is ergonomic.

The barrel of this curling iron is plated with 24-karat gold. This model can heat up within sixty seconds. Thus you don’t have to wait for the extended periods of time to use your curling iron to your preferred heat.

This model features an eight feet swivel cord. The long cord provides you flexibility while curling your hair. The long cord also swivels in any angle so that you can quickly reach all around your head. This curling iron comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

This curling machine is ideal for all types of hair having different lengths.


It has a temperature memory; you only need to set it and forget it.
It is lightweight thus it does not hurt your arm.
It has a long swivel cord and an indicator light.


This curling iron does not include digital capabilities and automatic shut off.

3. Bed Head Deep Waver


The deep waver is an ergonomically designed styling tool which makes you a wave artist talented enough of carving different styles plus professionally designed waves with absolute perfection.
The deep waver can provide you the waves and curls you want due to its ceramic tourmaline technology. The ceramic tourmaline technology enables the product to provide you frizz free and shiny waves.

With its inches plates of this ceramic tourmaline deep waver, you can style your hair in any way you desire without having to fear about hair damage. Due to its ceramic titanium heating system, you get high heat that is uniform enough, so that the curling iron penetrates your hair deep enough. This prevents the heat from drying out the natural moisture of your hair.

The deep waver features a heat recovery time of up to 39 seconds which means you do not have to wait for a long time for the deep waver to be heated. The products come with a flexible swivel cord so you can use this product practically, anywhere you desire to. It also features a plate locking switch which makes it easy for storing and traveling.


Easy to use due to its ergonomic design.
Multiple heat settings. Thus ideal for all hair types.
Maintenance free meaning you do not need lubrication to maintain it.



4. BaBylissPRO Pro Curl Machine


BaBylissPro curl machine is one of the best automatic curling iron that you deserve to create perfect curls. This curl machine is driven by a high max-life pro brushless motor tech which delivers precision curling control and long life. It makes styling much easier and faster. It features three functions like temperature, time and the curl direction to adjust for various hair types and allows you to create different styles of curls.

This curl machine features a time setting which allows setting for 8, 10, or 12 seconds. The straightener beeps when the time is up. This is ideal if you are having a beautiful fine hair and the long settings if your hair is a little stubborn to style. It also features 0 timer setting which lets you decide the quantity of time you would desire your curl to remain in the curl chamber.

It also possesses three temperature settings that are 375 degrees Fahrenheit, 410 degrees Fahrenheit and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the impressive features of this curling machine is the direction setting meaning you can change the direction of the curl as you style your hair. It also has an alternate setting which allows you to modify the direction in every successive curl.

This curl machine also features a steam option which makes you decide whether to add steam or not as you curl your hair. It creates 20 percent higher curl definition, 50 percent healthier curl formation and also 24 hours hold.


Creates curls that last for long.
Has Nano technology.
Easy to use due to its ergonomic design.


It is a bit pricey.

5. John Frieda Hot Air Brush


Not quite a curl machine, but can be an alternative.

This premium hot air brush features advanced ionic power and provides volume and shine to your hair as it simultaneously dries each hair strand. The barrel of this airbrush is a titanium and ceramic blend that gives both instant heat and smooth styling. The anti-static bristles of this hot air brush help get rid of moisture from your hair and also keeps your hair from standing on end as a result.

This hot air brush has 500 watts of power which utilize the advanced ionic technology so that it generate up to 50 percent more ions. This hot air brush lets you attain smooth, frizz free hair which is shiny and more manageable. It features two separate heat settings for drying and one extra cool option for letting your hair curls to set. This hot air brush is lightweight and has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to use right from any angle.


Easy to use.


Hair can get caught quickly where the handle is attached if you are not careful.

Hope this helps you folks out there.