Top 10 Best Detective Anime List [Recommendations]

Wherever mysteries are, detectives follow. And anime has some of the coolest detectives.

At the very least, they have a number of the most eccentric and interesting detectives. Many of them classify as total weirdos… but they’re also brilliant, so you take the bad with the good and let the process unfold.

Other times, you have a group of amateurs working together to solve some sort of case.

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Whether we’re talking about a single detective or a team of them, these are 10 of the best detective-based anime, and what makes their particular sleuths so compelling.


Heaven’s Memo Pad

heavens memo pad

In Japan, NEET is an acronym that refers to someone who is Not in Employment, Education, or Training. They tend to shut themselves away and keep to themselves, and that describes the mysterious Alice perfectly.

However, in her lack-of-travels, she has amassed an army of teddy bears and perfected her hacking skills. And she also works as a highly-sought private detective, along with her team of fellow NEET associates.


Death Note

death note

Death Note is a classic that more-or-less pits two expert detectives against one another. You have the determined and ultimately twisted Light Yagami facing off against the cold, analytical L.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a pair of geniuses match wits while pretending to work together on a serial murder case when one of them is the actual murderer, you’re in luck. Death Note satisfies that oddly specific itch.


Persona 4: The Animation

Persona 4 The Animation

In the tiny, backwoods, middle-of-nowhere (fictional) town of Inaba, a bizarre series of murders have taken place. People are disappearing, then showing up dead, hung from television antennas in town.

After discovering that the murders involve traveling to another dimension with TV screens as the only point of contact, the self-named Investigation Team (the protagonists), takes action. They are the only people who know about the nature of the murders, and so they find themselves investigating the murders while trying not to interfere with (or be implicated by) an ongoing police investigation.




It’s easy enough to dismiss Gosick the moment you see the textbook gothic lolita on the front of it. But that goth loli is Victorique de Blois, a Japanese student at a school in a fictional European country (but it’s basically France, come on), and she’s the detective.

Also Victorique is a goth loli in name only. She smokes a pipe, so she’s basically a 75-year-old Englishman.

Gosick gets a little more supernatural than some others. Sometimes the mystery is a simple murder. Sometimes ghosts are involved. Or demons. Whatever the issue, Victorique is on the case – any excuse she can find to not go to class is a good one.




Houtarou Oreki doesn’t want any trouble. Really, he’d just prefer for his days to go by as smoothly as possible, with as little inference and resistance as possible. Solving decades-old mysteries aren’t exactly on his to-do list.

Nevertheless, circumstances conspire to put him in the Classics Club at school. And the Classics Club’s tradition is to uncover the 45-year old mysteries of the school and their club room… and a few side cases along the way.


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