7 Awesome Looking Ekko Cosplays by Excellent Cosplayers

Ekko Cosplay Thumbnail

Ekko, the newest League of Legends champion released recently is quite a unique champion! A lot of cosplayers have already put in the effort to make them! Here are some top cosplays you see from these talented cosplayers!

1) Kadu-Out Cosplay

Ekko Cosplay KaduOut Artwork 1

Source Here

Kadu=out really puts in a lot of effort into the cosplay. How about a thumbs up for that pose? 😀

2) Sosenka

Source Here

A more serious Ekko cosplay. Can you tell if the cosplayer is a girl?

3) Grabilla

Ekko Cosplay Grabilla

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That smile! And that’s the classic Ekko pose. 😀

4) Pinsta.meEkko Cosplay Eating Ice Cream

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A happy Ekko eating ice cream. Maybe this could be in Ekko’s lore.

5) Sonicjkevin Photography ft Kadu=Out

Ekko Cosplay Sonicjkevin and KaduOut

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What an excellent shot. Perhaps Ekko is charging his z-resonance? 🙂

Ekko Cosplay 2

Source: DarkxGAngel

Female Ekko

Ekko Cosplay

Source: Sheys-Cosplay