[Top 5] Best Eyelash Growth Serum

Whether your eyelashes simply don’t grow or you desire long, lavish, thick lashes, eyelash growth serum is the perfect solution. Not only do they strengthen and restore, but help build nutrients for your lashes to naturally grow and fill in. If you are looking for the best growth possible, these are a few of the top products available for eyelash health.

What to Look For?

When choosing the best eyelash growth serum, there are a few features to consider and look for, in order to ensure it will work in the manner it is intended to. First off, you want a product which has a natural “enhancer” built in. This allows the lashes to grow in rich, fully, and grow in thicker for an overall improved appearance. You want to choose a product which helps improve the shine, natural color, and enhance the overall appearance of your eyelashes as well.

Depending on the desired length and thickness, certain products have a 30 day (60, 90 day, etc) guarantee. So make sure you fully understand what the product promises, so as to ensure your lashes will grow in the manner which you desire them to grow in. When choosing a serum, look for words like “naturally enhance,” or “stimulate lash growth.”

The product should have all natural ingredients and botanicals, which are going to affect the hair follicles, so as to ensure thicker, natural, more natural appearance, when your lashes do grow in. It is also a good idea to choose eyelash growth serums which are easy to apply, and made with all natural ingredients, to avoid improper growth patterns when trying to fill in your lashes, or simply thicken the appearance of thinning lashes if this is a problem you suffer from.

Products to Consider

When choosing an eyelash serum, there are several from which you can choose. A few of the top products available include:

1. Hairgenics Lavish Lash


This is an all natural, botanical based serum, producing natural, thick, richer, and fuller lashes, after only a few uses or applications. Brows will appear lush and thicker, and the proprietary botanical blend promotes hair follicle growth, resulting in a more natural appearance. Lash growth is guaranteed within a 60 day period. All ingredients in this serum are hypoallergenic, are clinically tested, and guaranteed not to irritate the face or lash area. So even if you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin, this product won’t irritate it. For best results, it is guaranteed to use on the upper lashes during the day, and lower lash line overnight, to allow the serum to fully penetrate and grow in naturally.

2. Simply Dana


This peptide blend is all natural, and guaranteed to promote natural, thick, eyelash growth, within only a short time of use. It is intended to help strengthen and naturally widen the appearance of your lashes. So if you have thinning hair, or areas where your eyelashes do not grow in as thick, this is a product which is intended to help even out growth.

It enhances cell proliferation, promotes healthy eyelid cells, and is all natural. Individuals who have sensitive skin or allergies will appreciate the natural blend, and the fact that the the product only has natural ingredients in production. It is intended to help enhance the eyelash strength, and develop a thicker growth base, so your hair follicles will produce thicker and richer eyelashes, as the new hair grows in.

3. Longer Lash


This serum is formulated with all natural ingredients, making it safe for use with individuals of all skin types. It features two different peptides, and does not contain any fillers or parabens, making it safe for use even on the most sensitive skin. There are no preservatives in the blend, it naturally enhances and speeds the process of eyelash and brow growth, and all natural oils (argan, panthenol, emu oil, etc), guarantee natural and defined lash growth. The product is intended to hep improve eyelash strength and help growth at the molecular level, rather than simply enhancing the thinning hair you want to thicken. It goes down to the root, rather than simply the peripheral to improve the appearance and strength.

4. Majestic Pure


An all natural blend of oils, with stem cell tested ingredients, is intended to help the eyelashes grow in thicker and fuller. The serum naturally enhances growth, and treats the problem from the root. So if you do not grow thick, rich hair, or if your follicles are thinning, this serum is intended to naturally enhance, regenerate, and to help strengthen the root, so that your hair will naturally grow in thicker in the future.

Longer and thicker eyelashes will be clearly visible within a 60 day period of use. It is both dermatologist tested, as well as clinically tested, and has been proven to help thicken and enhance growth of the hair follicle at a quicker pace. It comes in a standard eyelash style applicator, which makes application simple, neat, and ensures you only apply it to the base of the eyelashes, to avoid irritation with the eyes.

5. Nutraluxe Lash


As the name states, this product is going to produce a natural look, thicker, richer, and longer eyelashes, only a short time after you begin using it to help strengthen and build the length and appearance of your lashes. It not only helps the lashes reach the full potential in terms of length, but also naturally thickens the hair, for a richer and fuller appearance for individuals who do not grow in thick hair follicles naturally. The applicator is intended to be placed directly on the base of the lashes, to help stimulate hair growth from the root. It has also been clinically tested, and has shown that with the thicker hair growth, also comes a darker and richer looking appearance with regular use. As with other eyelash serums, there is a period of time which is required to attain the best results (typically 60 to 90 days), as the hair around the eyelashes is thinner and more fragile than other areas of the body.