Top 5 Best Foot Callus Remover [Review]

Callus makes the skin appear unattractive, and at times painful. Fortunately, the condition is treatable using various methods like body cream applications, use of scrappers as well as electric callus removers.

What to Look For in a Foot Callus Remover

There is a significant demand for efficient skin care products resulting in the presence of many solutions in the market. Similarly, there are hundreds of electronic callus removers. While most of these commodities are commendable, it is possible for a first-time buyer to end up purchasing an inferior quality product. It thus makes sense for a person to know how to identify the perfect remover. Considering the following several factors will prove quite handy in that quest.

a). Powering

Find out the features of the device, for instance, does it run on battery power, or is it electricity. If on battery power, ascertain if it has rechargeable cells and the duration of running power.

b). Practicability and Efficiency of the Remover

Make sure the equipment is easy to use, operate and maintain. To that end, the remover should be light in weight and portable. Besides, it should be possible to use it in different locations and get the desired results.

c). Cost Effective

Even though prices vary depending on brand and equipment features, the cost of the device ought to be realistic and an accurate reflection of what the buyer purchases.

d). Customer Reviews

The ideal foot callus remover must have an excellent reputation and several happy customers who use the product. Going over customer reviews and ratings is a good method of determining the reliability of a particular callus remover.

Foot Callus Remover vs. Scrapers

Not so long ago the use of scrapers was the preferred method of removing foot callus. However, over time consumers found the electronic remover a better solution due to several reasons. For starters, there have been incidents of bacterial and fungal infections resulting from the use of scrappers. Secondly, using a scrapper is aggressive on the skin and a person can easily cut or injure the skin. The electronic removers, on the other hand, are gentle on the skin, a person does not need to exert pressure to remove the callus. Furthermore, it is highly hygienic thereby eliminating the possibility of developing nail fungal or bacterial infections.


There is no doubt that foot callus removers are both attractive and useful. However, they are in plenty of supply on the market, making it daunting for a person to identify the right one to buy. The following is a list of some of the best foot callus removers. It features removers based on factors like ease of use, cost, ergonomic design as well as customer reviews.

1) Tweezerman Safety Slide Callus Shaver with RaspIt


This is a two-in-one shaver that uses a blade to remove calluses effortlessly and smoothen the skin. The remover contains a nickel coated steel shaver that neatly tucks into an unusual slide and lock safety mechanism. By doing so, it keeps the blade hidden to avoid injuring the one handling it. A person in search of an alternative to the rasps, pumice stone or scrappers, would appreciate this Tweezerman Callus shaver. The tool is compact making it is convenient to travel with or carry around. Furthermore, it works commendably and is affordable. Just press the button located on the handle and gently glide the shaver into position to securely lock the rasp. After which, you just flip and run the rasp over the skin. The only downside of this tool is that it is not recommended for diabetics, circulatory problems or haemophilia patients.

2) Emjoi Micro-Pedi Battery Operated Callus Remover


As the name implies, it runs on internal battery power, 2 x AA batteries to be precise. It is a revolutionary foot buffer consisting of premium rollers laden with micro abrasive elements, which spin up to three hundred and sixty degrees, to unearth the soft, attractive skin trapped beneath the callused skin. Despite running on batteries, it remains a stealth performer just like the corded removers. It also produces significant results quickly and safely in comparison to the unforgiving metal scrappers. The price is also low, considering the machines’ capability. By investing in this device, a person gets to save the time and money that he or she would otherwise spend in the salons. It is portable and convenient when traveling.

3) The Callus Remover Innoo Tech Rechargeable Pedicure Foot File (Electric Callus Remover)


This is an amazing electric callus foot remover that runs on built-in rechargeable battery power. It has a powerful internal motor that spins the micro-abrasive high rollers at a maximum speed of fifty revolutions per minute. The remover has several desirable traits that make it one of the best devices on the market. For instance, it is one of the few waterproof models, making it suitable for use in both dry and wet conditions. Furthermore, podiatrists and dermatologists contributed to its creation, meaning it is safe, and any person can use it for the removal of stubborn calluses in a fast and painless manner. The product package includes a supplied charger and a lifetime warranty.

4) Callus Remover Electric By PediSoftOne


This is an ordinary looking, single button device that runs on rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries. The simple look, however, should not con you as its performance and capability make up for the appearance. It has a motor that is stronger than its AA- battery-powered counterparts, and can run up to forty minutes of uninterrupted battery power. Furthermore, it boasts of an adjustable roller, made of durable, superior quality mineral materials, and it is easy to use and clean. The callus remover delivers impressive results. Besides it is affordable in that a person will not have to keep on purchasing batteries, and it has a free lifetime replacement guarantee.

5) Electric Callus Remover and Shaver by Naturalico


It is a two in one device that comprises of a shaver as well. The Callus remover encases a powerful motor that spins at an outstanding speed of forty times per second, and a built in twelve hundred Mah rechargeable battery. The battery can withstand over a thousand times of charging in its life. Other features of this Callus remover include two-speed options from which a person can select whether to exfoliate a lot or a little, a red light that illuminates the skin, and water resistant design. The device is easy to use, clean and store and offers exceptional Callus removal possibilities.

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