Top 10 Most Powerful Gundam Mobile Suit Pilots of All Time [Spoilers]

Top 10 Mobile Suit Gundam Pilots

Having watched so many Gundam series since my childhood, I have compiled a list of the best mobile suit pilots from all of the different eras and universe combined. This is my opinion and you are welcome to agree or disagree. Let’s take a look at them…

10) Garrod Ran from Gundam X

Garrod Ran

The early days of the Gundam series rarely had too many newtype pilots. Garrod certainly wasn’t one of them. His gundam was quite ordinary besides the moon satellite cannon which cannot be utilized unless there is the moon. That is when pure skill comes into play. Garrod also starts of the show being a distrustful snob and not that much of a team player. However, his life changes once he falls in love with Tifa and found the meaning of trust and communication. That is when Garrod starts to shine. Armed with standard weapons, he was able to fend off the frost brothers numerous times, which is a feat in itself.

9) Flit Asuno from Gundam Age

Flit Asuno

Gundam Age was a truly more unique series. It was the first to feature the generation of gundams passed down. Flit was the first of the generation and has carried on to feature even after he was a grandpa. His piloting skills are top notch and he has mentored both his son and grandson on how to pilot the gundams. He was also a great leader and perhaps to hell bent on taking revenge, only to be convinced by his grandson later on in the series.

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8) Uso Ewin from Victory Gundam

Uso Ewin

Uso is the youngest pilot out of all the series I have watched. He is naturally born gifted in piloting a mobile suit. The series was also very dark, with plenty of casualties trying to protect him. With him being the main character of the show, it is unlikely that the creators would let him die. His skills were put to test against the formidable Chronicle Asher and Katejina, with him edging out and winning the quest for survival.

7) Anavel Gato from Gundam 0083

Anavel Gato

Gato is one B.A.M.F. With Kou being a newbie pilot, he has to go up against the likes of Gato, who himself is a very experienced and skilled pilot. The GPA-02 armed with the atomic bazooka was really the highlight of the series. While Kou improves as the show goes on, Gato wins in terms of leadership and charsima. Kou got his ass kicked against Gato in the first fight and I think the creators were quite happy to make Kou the underdog here.

6) Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing

Heero Yuy

Heero is a pilot that barely shows any emotion and is a mobile suit killing machine. His sole mission in life is to destroy anyone that is in his way. At least that is how he starts of the show as anyways. It isn’t until he meets Relena that he starts having a soft spot for the princess. Doesn’t this remind you of Garrod and Tifa? Except Garrod is more lively than the doofus Heero when it comes to romance. I think Heero has an IQ of 0 when it comes to romance. Aside from that, he can annihilate other mobile suit pilots with ease using a grunt suit. Not many pilots can do that! Oh btw, who wears tank tops in space????

5) Domon Kasshu from G Gundam

Domon Kasshu

SHINNING FINGER!!! Not only is Domon a martial artist, he can whoop a mobile suite without being in one. If he were to cross paths with anyone from the other Gundam series, he would whoop everyone’s butt if they got into a fist fight. But hey, that is what guns are for! Domon’s most powerful moves involves some sort of martial arts move but expressed within his gundam. G Gundam is probably the most unique series since it doesn’t rely too much on beam spamming like Gundam Seed.

4) Setsuna F Seiei from Gundam 00

Setsuna F Seiei

Setsuna is probably the first middle eastern main character in the entire gundam franchise. In terms of piloting skills, he has the most potential out of the Celestial Being. He starts off pretty strong and destroys most of his opponents with ease until he met Ali Al-Saachez, who himself is a cool villian. The first time he activated Trans-Am was quite a memorable moment. Setsuna does get stronger throughout the series and defeated Ribbons Almark , who is also an excellent pilot.

3) Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed Destiny

Kira Yamato

The beam spammer has arrived. While Kira has a superior Strike Freedom Gundam to disable anything that he comes across, his dodging and evading of beam shots and missiles are legendary. Throughout the original series and the sequel, Kira has shown his piloting powers, defeating anyone that was his opponent. The only odd loss was against Athrun self destruction and the battle against Shinn while using the old Freedom. In the sequel, Kira is god-like once he gets Strike Freedom. The reason Shinn was the not on this list is because Athrun defeated Destiny so easily in the final battle when he decided that play time is over.

2) Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam Series

Char Aznable

Char is probably the most talked about pilot aside from Amuro. His rivalry with Amuro is legendary and they are both very skilled pilots. The fact that he had 2 personas made it much more exciting in the series. Char’s piloting skills in my opinion is equal to Amuro and is only beaten by plot armor. Since Amuro is the poster child of the series, it was never a good idea to let Amuro lose right?

Top Pilot: Amuro Ray from Mobile Suit Gundam Series

Amuro Ray

Amuro Ray is the legendary gundam pilot out of all of them. He was the one that made the franchise popular in the 80s. His piloting skills are also top notch. He needs no over powered gundam to destroy his enemies. If you compare the gundams accross all the series, the V-Gundam is inferior to other suits like Strike Freedom, Double O Raiser and Gundam Wing Custom. He has no beam spamming capabilities nor satellite cannons to vanquish foes. That leaves him with only pure skill to do the job. He is the only pilot to get a bunch of pretty crappy mobile suits to use. And because of that, he reigns supreme over others.

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