Top 6 Best Jumper Cables [Review]

How to Choose a Good Jumper Cable

It’s a really great idea to take your time when you’re choosing they type of jumper cable to purchase. Everyone doesn’t have to buy expensive cables. Nevertheless, there are few good rules that can help you to choose wisely and also get exactly what you wanted . Here are the features to look for in a good jumper cable:

Wire Gauge

Wire gauge refers to the thickness of the wires. It is usually better to get the heavy duty cables since the current flow during jump start has to be higher enough to start the vehicle. With the flimsy bargain priced jumper cables, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be capable of drawing enough current.

Jumper Cables Insulation

If you purchase heavy duty jumper cables, you should always expect to get heavy insulation on these cables. Heavier insulation normally reduces heat generated via the cables through the jump start process. As a result, it is important to look at the insulation of the jumper cables before buying one.


This is a very critical factor. Imagine a situation where you’re on the sides of a very busy road and another vehicle has to be behind you for the safety purposes. How long do the jumper cables need to be so as to reach between the 2 batteries? As a result, you should always look at the length of the jumper cables to avoid any inconveniences of buying shorter cables.

Heavy Duty Clamps

The cables that you choose to buy should have the heavy duty clamps that are able to connect to a battery using either side terminals o top terminals securely. The black jumper cable clamps should technically be heavy duty enough so as to connect securely to a better ground under your hood like the bolt on an engine block. Heavy duty clamps usually have the extra advantage of being bigger in size. This will keep your hands away from the sparks which are generated.

Jumper Cable Recommendations

It’s critical for any vehicle owner to have the best cables. The high quality of these jumper cables should never be compromised due to the price or any other factors. This is because when the need for the cables arises, they have to function properly. Poor cables could cause a wide range of problems in your vehicle. Below are the top 6 best jumper cables:

Heavy Duty 2 Gauge Extra Long 25 Ft Length 600 Amp Copper Plates Parrot Jaw Auto Booster Jumper Cable


This is a heavy-duty cable that comes equipped with 6 gauges. The 600 amp classification of these jumper cables allows the cables to be used in charging any type of battery, in any situation. With a 25 feet range, they are suitable for a majority of the charging needs. They also have rubber coatings that extend the lifetime of the cables. In addition, the clamps are also color-coded which makes them quite easy to identify. You’ll also get a travel bag for the heavy-duty cables as part of their package when you buy them.

Performance Tool (W1671) 12′ 8-Gauge Cable


The Performance Tool (W1671) jumper cables are top-quality products for jump-starting any car. They are extremely effective and they also provide great connectivity. When compared to the springs, their ratcheting clamps are a very much secure and better way to connect to the battery. With 8 gauge cables and heavy-duty clamps, these cables can be used safely for smaller vehicles

HEAVY DUTY 300 amp 8-gauge No Tangle cables 10 ft. with FREE travel case Cables Extra-long 10 feet

This is a jumper cable that has a length of 10 ft., gauge ratings of 8 and it also has a battery rating of 300 amps. The jumper cable can be used to charge any kind of battery when you jumpstart. The exterior is completely coated using rubber and it’s free from tangling. Moreover, it also has a dual construction. The cables will even provide a travel bag when you buy them. The clamps on these jumper clams are covered completely by colour. This helps you to distinguish easily where you could put on the clamps.

Capri Tools UL-Listed Booster Cables


This is a jumper cable that’s available with a rubber exterior which is extra thick to be used for a system that has a 4 gauge. It even has the range of 20 ft. and it’s usually rated for both warmed and colder climates thus they can be used in all regions. This is also a type of clamp that’s coated with bright colours so that you can know where you put the clamps on the battery’s terminal with a lot of ease. It’s possible for one to charge the batteries easily since it comes without any issues. There are great chances for you to receive the best results with this jumper cable.

Performance Tool (W1673) 20 feet 4-Gauge Jumper Cable


The Performance Tools W1673 jumper cable is ideal for the larger vans, SUVs and trucks. They also feature the attractive black and red clamps which are not only easy to identify but they are also strong. In addition, the covers on these clamps are also extra-long for additional safety. The jumper cables have tangle-free rubber coatings on the cables, have gm fan clutch wrench attachments and are lightweight at 3.8 pounds.

200 Amp 10 Gauge No Tangle Cables 12 Ft with Free Travel Case Jumper Cables Extra Long 12 feet

These are the cables that are able to charge batteries which come under both medium and light duty. It has the distance of 12 ft. as well as a dual coating construction which is much more rugged than any the other products that are on the market. The clamps are colour coated to can make it easier identification. You can also easily decide on where you should connect the jumper cable when you want to charge the battery that’s there in the car. This jumper cable is a good choice for you if you really need one jumper cable that’s best for charging.