Top 6 Best Knee Bracers for Running

There are hundreds of various knee braces options in the market which make it difficult for many people to choose the best one. Knee braces are support used by individuals with an injured or painful knee wear and provide different levels of support by your option. They are usually made up of different materials and vary enormously in price.

There are different types of knee braces and often, fall under four categories. However, regardless of which type of brace you choose, it should not interfere with the functions of the knee or raise the risk of injury to any part of the body.

Prophylactic Braces

They are made of bars, adhesive straps, and hinges and designed to offer protection to the knee against damages occurring during contact sports. They are best for lowering knee stiffness and protecting the MCL.

Functional Braces

They are used after a knee injury to offer support while the injury is healing. The type of brace requires usually depend on the damage type. They are designed to reduce knee instability and always recommended for people participating in twisting, jumping and pivoting.

Unloader Braces

They are recommended for people with medial compartment knee osteoarthritis. Their function is to upload stress for the joint by exerting some pressure on the thigh bone. They are custom-designed and made of modeled steel, plastic, and foam which limit side movement.

Rehabilitative Braces

They are designed to reduce movement of a healing knee. They consist of foam liners surrounding the calf, knee, and thigh. They are used as rehabilitative braces because they typically allow adequate space for swelling and ability to remove them.

Top 6 Knee Bracers for Runners

Ultra Flex Athletic Knee Compression Sleeve


A compression sleeve is an excellent option for those people who require something that stabilizes and support their knee to prevent injury. It’s ideal for all types of sports such as football, athletics, MMA, skiing, basketball among others. It consists of anti-slip silicone that usually maintains a stable compression, especially when you are doing yoga and at the gym. It is suitable even if you don’t have an injury and for surgery recovery.

Compression sleeve increases the blood flow and helps in lowering the inflammation, especially after exertion. The function makes it brilliant for muscle recovery. In facts, the compression sleeve is the best knee brace for many runners who start experiencing pain and aches after running.

At the top, inside the sleeve, it’s lined with two rows of silicone that also prevent the sleeve from slipping down as you run. Which material makes it? Well, it’s formed of a mixture of latex, nylon, and Spandex. The mixture is woven together with a 3D knitting technology which makes it flexible and stretches in four ways.

Exous Bodygear EX-701


If you to moderate the knee support level, Exous Bodygear is the best for running. The brace contains four straps to prevent slippage. The straps also help in making the four-way compression system. The system combines with the dual lateral stabilizers to offer a lateral and medical support you require.

It’s easy to get a custom fit because its outer lining is made of a material where Velcro sticks. On its back, it consists of a gap which allows for easy bending as you run. The inside lining is made of skin-friendly Lycra which avoids skin irritation and comfortable to wear for a long time.

Winzone Knee Brace Support


Winzone is the best knee brace option for mild knee pain. It is made up of 100% neoprene which is machine washable. It does not get hot or slip as you run. It consists of straps which make it easy to fit around on any knee. It is also possible to adjust the tightness to fit your preferred comfort level from all angles, specifically to relieve stress on the patella. It does not constrict the movement of your leg. It also balances flexibility and support which are two crucial features when running.

Crescendo Athletic Knee Sleeve

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It’s a universal brace that is used for wide range of sporting activities. Crescendo athletic knee sleeve is made up of multiple, high-density and durable layers of neoprene which provide support and stability. It’s elastic, and therefore, it fits you perfectly and tight enough. The elasticity provides an ultimate protection of your knee from injuries and damages.

It’s always convenient to use due to its thin layer and thus considered as a premium product. Its contoured fit makes it possible to be worn discreetly underneath the other clothing. Crescendo athletic knee sleeve provide compression and warmth while running.

Tech Ware Pro Knee Brace


It is typically designed to deliver an open patella support to the knee. The brace’s design has an intention of allowing a maximum compression all around the kneecap to support the tendons found in that area. It consists of adjustable bi-directional support.

The alternating Velcro closures help to stabilize the patella. This lowers the knee joint pain, especially during physical activities such as running. It’s made of breathable neoprene and silicone strips which cannot slip. The feature ensures a uniform compression throughout your running event.

Fitoby Knee Support Sleeve


Fitoby knee support sleeve provides the benefit of a brace in more comfortable design. It is a simple sleeve which contains latex-free construction. Its excellent elasticity ensures it fit onto the knee firmly which assist in preventing possible injuries. It can be used for wide range of activities such as course sport, cycling, and running. It offers all the functions of a brace without restraining your movement.

It’s also made of high-quality neoprene responsible for keeping your knee secure. It is convenient because it does not require any adjustment. In facts, you can wear it in the morning until the night. Fitoby knee support sleeve also assists in pain relief and healing of knee injuries. Everyone can use this type of knee brace because it is available in huge, medium and small size. The comfortable fit allows you to wear it under clothes.