[Top 5] Best Leica Cameras

With many brands out there, Leica has become synonymous with quality. Whether a beginner, amateur, or advanced, there is a camera out there for you. So before diving in and buying the first on your find, it is important to understand what the top 5 best Leica cameras will offer to those who choose to invest in them.

What to look for/choosing a camera –

When the time comes to purchase your new Leica camera, there are certain attributes or features to consider. First and foremost, the ease of use. If you are a beginner, you aren’t aware of aperture openings, light settings, different video shooting options, and how to change a camera. So depending on the level you are at, you need to keep in mind how easy or complex it is to use.

Some of the many features to consider when choosing your new camera should include:

– MP quality and image resolution of your photos. How grainy or clear an image can you expect?
– Video and audio quality if you plan on shooting 3 or 4K quality video.
– How many lenses does it include, or how many can you purchase?
– The image processor quality should also be taken into consideration.

Of course, this is not an all-inclusive list of features or factors to consider but are among the different factors one has to account for when choosing a new camera. Of course, your budget is also going to dictate what you will look for, and eventually buy. When the time comes to choose your new Leica camera, these are a few of the top options you can buy today, for both the beginner and advanced photographers out there.

1. Leica 18191 V-Lux


12.7 MP image resolution, light and dark shooting options, image stabilization, and wi-fi connectivity, are a few of the features beginners are bound to appreciate with this Leica camera. It can capture full HD quality video in 1920 resolution and features a range of focal lengths from 25 up to 600 mm. The viewfinder offers an impressive 1.3 MP resolution, and touchscreen allows for dynamic use, and quick capturing opportunities so you don’t miss the perfect shot. It has a continuous frame feature, delivering at up to 12 fps. The autofocus system ensures you will also capture a great shot, even if you are not in the ideal lighting or position for the image you are trying to capture in the camera.

2. Leica C-LUX


Not many camera manufacturers are going to offer you a 27.2 MP image quality, and at such a reasonable price point. For the beginner who wants to get in closer, but doesn’t want to compromise lighting or possibly deal with those blurry patches in photos, this is just what you are going to get when you choose this great camera, for a reasonable price point.

It also features a 3.6 X optical zoom stabilization feature, so even if you get closer to the subject you are shooting, you don’t have to worry about blur, or color clarity being a problem with vivid or brighter colors in an image. White light and black light balance, a high-speed wide-angle lens, and easy to operate 2.5” LCD screen makes taking photos fun and engaging. It has an ultra compact, all metal body, making it rugged, and lightweight, all in the same body. If you are searching for a top name in photography, without having to overpay for a quality camera, look no further than this little gem as a beginner in the field.

3. Leica D-LUX


Featuring a 12.8 MP resolution, this camera is great for a beginner. Simple point and shoot, no complex fidgeting required, and zero-errors when snapping shots of the family and friends. It has a 3.1 zoom capability, auto ISO range of 100-26,500, and image stabilization allows you to capture great shots even when in motion. It is NFC and wi fi compatible as well, allowing you to easily connect, snap, and upload photos to social media platforms, nearly anywhere you bring the camera along with you.

4. Leica 10759

Another option for the expert or advanced shooter, where price is not an obstacle. This camera comes in at over $5,000 and features the proven, 18 MP CCD sensor. It has the smallest interchangeable lens in the world as well, so you aren’t going to have to carry around too much weight or accessories when taking it out on a shoot. The brilliant viewfinder has perfect image stabilization and control capabilities.

Simple point and click operation, capability to capture excellent video and audio for video shoots, and an extremely slim design, make this a great option for those who do not want to carry around too much, but don’t want to compromise on the quality of the shoots they are going to either. 80 ISO minimum range, 1X optical zoom allows you to get in closer to your subject, and a max resolution of 230,000, ensures the best possible shot is captured, no matter what conditions you are shooting under.

5. Leica Q


There’s no doubt about it, with a price tag of over $4,000, it is a top contender for the professional or advanced photographer out there. With 24.2 MP CMOS sensor and the Maestro III Processor, you can’t expect far superior quality from other cameras out there today. It features a 3” 1040 Dot LCD display for ease of use, toggling between features, and capturing images with the touch of a button. It can produce full HD 1080 resolution video and features an aluminum and magnesium body casing for optimal durability. It features an auto ISO range of 100-50,000 for optimal clarity. Truly a top option for those who can spend the money and want something that can withstand the elements, regardless of where you are shooting with it.

No matter what you are looking for in a camera, advanced or beginner photographers are bound to appreciate these quality machines. With great features, simplistic design, and durability, you can’t go wrong with any of these options if you are investing in a Leica, and want to capture the most stunning images possible with your new camera.