4 [Simple Steps] to Removing Scratches From Your Car – Quick and Easy

Scratches or swirl marks on your car could be caused due to washing and drying the car with dirty cloth or using abrasive polish. It could also occur by using a drive through for your car wash that is not very well maintained. Here are some products that can help remove scratches and other imperfections like swirl marks and smooth out such marks.

Learn to remove scratches using the following products with easy steps and without the use of any special tools.

Products Needed

Here are the products that you need to remove scratches from your car.

  • Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound
  • Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish
  • Nu Finish Scratch Doctor
  • Turtle Wax Polish

For the cloth, you will either need a micro fiber cloth.


STEP 1: Use the Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound


Firstly, make sure everything on the car surface is clean with no dirt or dust by washing the car and cleaning it. Next, use a rubbing compound like Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound that removes medium and heavy oxidation, scratches as well as swirl marks. Take a micro fiber cloth or a terry towel or something similar and put a few squirts of the Turtle Wax Rubbing compound on the cloth. Fold the cloth both ways, so that the compound gets spread all over the cloth.

Begin rubbing the compound over the scratch area in an up and down motion. Keep rubbing in this up down motion for a few minutes over all the scratched portions.

After lathering the compound over the scratches, you need to take a clean micro fiber cloth and rub it over the area. The rubbing compound reduces the scratch quantity to a considerable extent and you could say it is almost gone.

STEP 2: Use Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish


The next step in removing the scratches on your car would be to use a good polish. Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish is probably the best polish that you could use for removing scratches on your car. Follow the same procedure as you did for the Turtle Wax rubbing compound. Squirt a few drops on a clean micro fiber towel or if you don’t have it, use a soft cotton cloth. Fold the cloth in both the directions, so that the polish gets well spread or distributed over the cloth.

Here’s a professional tip for you while polishing or removing scratches from your car: do not wear any rings or watches on your hand, as this is likely to cause more scratches instead of removing them.

Take the micro fiber cloth with the polish in it and begin rubbing over the scratches in a horizontal, sideways direction or moving left to right, instead of the up and down direction that you used with the rubbing compound earlier. Keep rubbing in this side to side direction for a few minutes and you will find that the scratches are gone.

Take a clean cloth and rub all over the area and now you will hardly be able to find the scratches.

STEP 3: Use Nu Finish Scratch Doctor


The third step is to use a Jeweler’s polish, something like the Nu Finish Scratch Doctor, which is just what the doctor ordered and is easy to use. It removes the scratches on your car and leaves behind a beautiful and clean finish. It’s a little finer and less coarse than the polish mentioned in the previous step.

Use a small, clean terry towel and apply a few squirts of the Nu Finish Scratch Doctor on to the cloth. Spread it over the cloth by folding it twice and then rub over the scratched area thoroughly in a rotating or circular motion of hand. This is not absolutely necessary, though the circular motion makes it easier to spread the polish. Allow it to dry and then wipe it away using a soft clean cloth or a micro fiber cloth. If you wish, you can apply it twice to give best protection. It will remove the scratches and leave a beautiful finish on your car.

STEP 4: Use Turtle Wax Polish

Finally, take some Turtle Wax on an applicator pad and apply it over the scratched areas in a circular motion. Apply for a few minutes allowing the wax to sit on the car surface and then take a wet towel and wipe it off. The product is good for polishing over swirl marks or light scratches.

Surface and Deep Scratches

By using the above mentioned products for removing the scratches on your car, you can not only remove the scratches or swirl marks but also restore the finish of an older car and make them look like new again. The above method and products can be used for scratches that have not yet penetrated into the clear-cut layer. They are best for removing surface scratches on your car and can also be used for reducing the appearance in case of deeper scratches.

Getting the Best Results

However, if the scratches have exposed the metal underneath, it needs to be repainted with a touch up paint or getting it done by a professional for obtaining the best results. Some scratches could be too deep and will need to take your car to a body shop for the touch up job. In addition, while using the polish in your DIY procedure, you must work the product thoroughly on to the surface of the car, thereby creating good friction for activating it. Merely applying the product cannot repair scratches and it must be rubbed in the specified direction as described to get the best results.

Prevention of Scratches

You can prevent scratches on your car by following these steps.

a. Take the time to wash the car once every week. This is because if there is some dirt on the paint, it could cause scratches.
b. Do not slide grocery bags or other objects across the surface, as it could lead to scratches.
c. While washing a car by hand, don’t use abrasive cloth or those having synthetic fibers. Use a clean sponge or a sheepskin mitt. d. All dirt and grime must be hosed off before beginning to wash the car, with the sponge being cleaned in water frequently.
e. Dry the surface using clean chamois cloth and wax it using either all cotton cloth or a microfiber towel.