Top 5 Best Mouthwashes for Bad Breath [For 2017]

Oral hygiene is a practice that needs to be taken seriously and done on a daily basis. While mouthwash may be seen as an optional care product, its benefits are undeniable. A long lasting mouthwash helps in various ways such as removing stains, whitening teeth as well as maintaining fresh sensations for a long period of time.

How to Pick Long Lasting Mouthwashes

When choosing a long lasting mouthwash brand, there are several things you should put into consideration. First, the mouthwash should have a natural formulation. This means that it should be free from artificial coloring’s, flavorings and other harmful components such as alcohol that might sting a person and cause dry mouth.

The mouth rinse should have natural ingredients; it should not have any chemical that may cause detrimental effect to people with sensitive gums.

The oral rinse should be effective in its treatment such as halitosis and other bad breath condition. It should also have simple instructions which are easy to follow.

Also, a good mouth rinse doesn’t need to be commercialized as long it can help treating bad breath; it should be a great and reliable alternative to consider when you have sensitive gums and bad breath.

Top 5 Recommended Mouth Washes from Amazon

1. TheraBreath Fresh- Breath Oral Rinse Mouthwash

Therabreath Mouth Wash uses oxygenated agents to kill bacteria that lead to tooth decay and bad breath as well. An alcohol-free mouthwash protects against dry mouth, a key contributing factor to bad breath. The wash comes in a buffered mild flavored liquid so it cannot burn your mouth.

It has been proven to work fast and lasts up to 24 hours. This item has received great reviews on Amazon because it helps treat chronic bad breath problems as well eliminates tonsil stones. It does this by combating usual bad breath and even eliminates morning breath.

It is not tested on animals, it’s kosher certified and safe for diabetes. This mouth is the best because it helps treat serious problems such as dry mouth and usual oral hygiene needs. It costs almost the same as other brands.

2. Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouth Wash


The Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash is ideal for killing germs in the mouth. It provides a deeper clean than brushing your teeth only, so it’s an excellent supplementary oral rinse for bad breath. When regularly used, the Listerine Cool Mint prevents plaque, gingivitis as well as gum diseases.

The ingredients of this mouth rinse help to avoid bad breath. However, the antiseptic property of the rinse ensures that germs which cause tooth decay and bad breath are completely gone. The mint flavor of the mouthwash is natural because of the chamomile, yang-ylang and lavender extracts that help keep mouth fresh without any artificial smell or feeling.

The fact that this mouthwash is ADA-accepted, it makes the item a reliable and user-friendly mouth wash that doesn’t sting. Among the ingredients included in this mouthwash include menthol, methyl salicylate, thymol, and eucalyptol.

A bottle of Listerine Cool Mint holds up to 1.5 liters of an effective oral rinse. The fact this mouthwash is antiseptic, also makes it ideal for wounds and head abrasions. It does not irritate your skin, but also prevents tartar from teeth after flossing.

3. Squeaky Clean Oral Mouth Rinse


The Squeaky Mouth Rinse consists of 16-ounces of oral rinse and a natural & refreshing mint flavor that doesn’t give off bad after taste. This mouthwash is ideal for treating bad breath problems. It is alcohol-free & natural and does not give burning sensations to the mouth, tongue or even gums.

The Squeaky Clean Oral Rinse is great for halitosis and is a truly effective mouthwash to consider for keeping fresh breath. Besides, you can use this product to cure hardened plaque or tartar from forming in the tooth as well as prevent tooth decay.

The clean oral mouth rinse is great for treating both mouth and throat issues as well eliminate foul-smelling bacteria. The fact that this oral rinse hasn’t been tested on animals implies that it’s cruelty-free and a certified vegan oral rinse for bad breath. It costs at a lower price compared to other non-effective mouth washers.

4. Crest 3D-White Luxe Multi-Care Whitening Mouthwash

The Crest White Luxe Mouthwash has a fresh mint flavor that gives a refreshing feel for the mouth. A unique thing about the White Luxe is the fact that it makes your teeth protected from stains and also whitens the them. So it’s an excellent oral rinse for maintaining a dazzling white smile.

This mouthwash is capable of killing germs that produce bad breath and helps protect the teeth against surfaces stains such as from foods. It comes in a pack of three and is guaranteed to produce maximum results in seven days. The ability to prevent future stains by this oral rinse is unique for most oral rinses sold out there.

The Crest 3D Multi-care mouthwash is alcohol-free, meaning that you can get a fresh breath and a white smile without worrying about the alcohol sting. It’s also safe for whitening teeth since it uses white-lock technology.

5. Sonicare Breath Rx Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse

The Sonicare Breath Rx Anti-bacteria Mouth Rinse is made for bad breath. Any volatile sulfur component that causes bad breath is eliminated completely by this anti-bacterial mouth rinse. This mouthwash dissolves plaque, gingivitis and prevents them from forming. Besides, the dual action of this oral rinse makes every mouthwash worth it.

Some of the active ingredients like zinc help keep VSCs away from the teeth so as to give a fresh breath. Most importantly, the Sonicare Breathrx Anti-bacterial mouth rinse is 100% alcohol-free and is guaranteed to keep a fresh breath in a natural way. This mouthwash is worth considering if you are looking for a less affordable and efficient mouth rinse