[ Top 5 ] Best Power Sports Goggles: A Must-Read Guide before Buying

Riding a bike can be an enjoyable and exciting experience. However, it is an indisputable fact that there are many risks involved. That is why, it is very crucial to be fully equipped with all the gear you’ll need. This will be crucial for your safety and also very instrumental in promoting your highest comfort level in every ride. Because of this, one essential item you will need is a good power sports goggle.


How to Pick Power Sports Goggles


Designed for activities such as running, hiking and biking, powersports goggles are a light weight and excellent fit for fast-paced adventures. Below we have highlighted the key features that you should consider when choosing your goggles:


Consider the frame material.


Are you playing a sport where weight matters? If this is the case, then you will need to go with a lighter frame. Do you expect your glasses to fall on the ground at least once? Then you need a frame that can withstand that. Do you care about cost? If so, your frame choice may be more limited.




If your goggles start to fog up on the trail due to sweat and moisture, you’ll be left effectively blind, so either invest in a set of sturdy anti-fog goggles, or check out some aftermarket products to give your goggles a little extra resistance.


ANSI Approved Glasses.


Safety glasses approved by ANSI have passed various extreme condition tests which make them capable of protecting your eyes while riding. The best goggles can also be used in wide array of activities due to their safety features.


Scratch -resistant lens.


It really does not matter if you like a clear or tinted lens for your goggles, but the lenses ought to be scratch resistant. Powersports goggles should withstand hard handling. They may get kept in awkward positions inside your backpacks or saddle bags. Chains, keys, and other objects will be rough on the lenses, so it really helps getting a pair of goggles with a scratch resistant lens.


Polycarbonate lenses.


Most powersports goggles have treated polycarbonate lenses, which are impact- and scratch-resistant. These lenses also block 100 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays without extra additives or coatings. This is important considering that overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays has been linked to the development of cataracts later in life.


Lens color.


Lens color choice will depend on light; background color and the sport they will be used for e.g. target shooters use different lens colors to help see different target colors.


Polarized lenses.


This is another feature that a good pair of goggles will have. The scattered light that would normally cause glare is prevented from reaching your eyes with these types of lenses by tiny crystals that are found between the layers of the lens.


Wrap around style.


Some goggles are contoured, to wrap around your face. This kind of powersports goggle works well for biking, hang-gliding and sailing. Contact lens wearers especially benefit from the wraparound style, as it helps keep out wind and dust.


Mirror coating.


A mirror coating is great when you are cycling in the middle of a bright sunny day. The mirror coating helps reflect the majority of light so that the rider can see where they are going when the sun is shining down on the road.


Top 5 Powersports Goggles from Amazon


1. 3- Pair Motorcycle Riding Goggles.


Featuring polycarbonate lenses, these 3 pair of motorcycle goggles are the best choice for the bike riders. It’s coated with a UV 400 lens that provides superb protection and prevents the rider’s eyes against harmful sun rays. The lenses come in three colors yellow, smoke and white. These are among the best quality and most comfortable goggles you can find.


2. Fox Racing MAIN Goggles.


These are your well designed powersports goggles with a triple-layer foam that incorporates a fleece liner. The lens provide 100 % UV protection. They feature a nonslip silicon strap and a removable rock guard. They give a wide view port that gives unparalleled vision. Say goodbye to rain, mud, dust or wind getting to your eyes. These goggles are perfect stuff for biking enthusiasts.


3. TRUST OPTICS Vizgard 3 Pairs Motorcycle Riding Glasses Safety Goggles


Where the streets take you, rest assured That Trust Optics Has You Covered from Every Angle. These powersports goggles offer comfort and won’t dig into your head. The sleek design of the Trust Optics Glasses allows them to fit easily around your face while also delivering a stylish look. The set includes 3 pairs of UV400 safety grade motorcycle riding glasses to protect eyes from wind, dust and glare. These protective glasses can also be worn when playing sports, rock climbing, fishing, hunting, hiking, or partaking in any outdoors activities.


4. Motorcycle Riding Glasses – 2 Pair Smoke and Clear Biker Foam Pad.


These 2 pairs of goggles have UV400 UV protection polycarbonate lenses that offer the ultimate protection from the sun’s rays. The lenses are polycarbonate. Each of the lenses measures 3 inches across, and are 1 1/4 inches high in the center. The glasses have rubber padding surrounding the lenses to give excellent comfort, with vents that prevent fogging. Each arm is 5 inches long. You’ll receive the first pair with dark-smoke lenses, and the other with clear lenses. These are great for those who wear contact lenses.

5. Red Baron Riding Goggles.


They are very stylish and tough. The lenses are 100% shatterproof (made of polycarbonate) and exceed the UV 400 standards. Aside from being sun resistant, the Red Baron glasses are also wind resistant. The thick foam padding can take very strong winds and keeps all the dust out. They’re used by aviators as well after all.

The Red Baron’s lenses are amber colored and scratch resistant. The view you get is pretty good, especially during summer days. When it gets darker outside I would recommend wearing clear lenses as these lenses are pretty dark. They fit pretty well on your head and are comfortable to be worn for longer periods of time. Besides that, they look nice and are pretty cheap. You can’t really go wrong with them.