[Top 5] Best Spark Plugs

What is a spark plug? What is the importance of spark plug? Well, this is a common question in the world of motoring. The spark plug is a device that delivers electric current to the combustion chamber of the engine from the ignition system. The spark plug ignites a compressed mixture of fuel and air using an electric spark to burn out and gives out the driving energy in motor engines.

However, while buying a spark plug, you need to be well equipped with information so that to avoid the mistake of the purchase of a wrong choice. The following are some of the features that should consider while buying a spark plug.

When purchasing a spark plug, heat dissipation ability is a very critical issue to consider. A bad or under-torqued spark plug leads to excessive vibration and inappropriate heat dissipation. The excessive heating may cause engine malfunctioning and damage. On the other hand, an over-torqued spark causes thread losses and even compromises the internal seal. It’s, therefore, evident that a person should buy an average spark plug to avoid losses that may arise from an incorrect choice of the plug.

Insulating material
Another factor to consider while purchasing a spark plug is the material used in insulation. Most of the companies today use sintered alumina. The material offers maximum insulation to the spark plug. The material offers excellent mechanical support to the central electrode as well as electric insulation that provides an extension of spark path used in flashover protection.

Metal casing
It is the outermost part of the spark plug. The metal casing withstands the pressure exerted on it while tightening the plug. The metal casing should be a good conductor of heat so as to help the spark plug remove the excess heat from the insulator to the cylinder head.

The material also acts as the ground for the sparks that pass through the central electrode on the side of the electrode. While buying a spark plug, you should ensure that the coating material is made of zinc-chromate metal. The material can withstand exerted pressure while tightening as well as conducting the excess heat. In the automobile industries, different plugs are made depending on the use and compatibility of the spark plug with the engine.

Also, different people have different taste and preferences and thus makes the Spark Plug industries to produce various types of the Spark Plug. The difference in the Sparkplug is mostly as a result of the different material used in making the plug. Below are different types of plugs that are available in the market currently.

Iridium Spark Plugs.
As the name indicates, the Iridium Spark Plug is made of the Iridium metal. The Spark Plug offers better power and complete combustion that leads to the smooth running of the engine as well as long-life span. The plugs have outstanding wire feature at the center that is designed to conduct electrical energy well.

Platinum Spark Plugs
The spark plug is made of platinum metal. The spark plugs are the considerably expensive due to a rare availability of the metal element. Platinum metal is less conductive material and therefore do not offer excellent power transfer leading to engine overheating during high-performance driving conditions. However, the plugs are best in normal driving conditions as they do not erode easily providing a long life.

Copper Spark Plugs
Copper Spark Plugs are in most cases referred as standard or normal spark plugs. The plugs are the cheapest and have the shortest life span due to the inability of copper to resist erosion. However, copper is the best in heat conduction than any other type of spark plug.

As a result, copper spark plug runs cooler faster, therefore, delivering more power in high performance driving application without overheating. Copper spark plugs produce the best sparks during adverse conditions that generate from turbochargers or other higher compression ratios.

Double Platinum Spark Plugs
The Double Platinum Plugs resembles the Platinum Spark Plugs so much. However, Double Platinum Spark Plug has increased long life and typically yields slightly high performance when compared with Platinum Spark Plugs. Some of the double platinum spark plugs have a fine wire center core featuring in one or more platinum discs.

While looking for the best plug for your automobile, heat dissipation range is critical. The heat range measures the time taken by the spark plug tip to dissipate the heat of combustion. Too hot spark plug causes premature ignition of air/fuel while too cold spark plug causes incomplete combustion.

Top 5 Best Spark Plugs

1. Denso (5304) IK20 Iridium Power Spark Plug.


The Spark Plug boasts a central electrode wire that tapers and focuses every spark hence decreasing the overall energy usage. The energy saving ability of the plug is translated to the whole vehicle. A notable increase regarding performance and fuel consumption is seen when a comparison is made about other plugs such as conventional copper spark plug.

The ability to save fuel as a result of the spark plug having a small diameter that maximizes firing potential. The spark plug has Denso patented material. The material gives the plug an excellent quality bond and structural strength that helps plug to withstand corrosion.

2. NGK (7222) BPR4ES Standard Spark Plug.


The NGK (7222) BPR4ES Standard Spark Plug is well renowned for its reliable performance. The Spark Plug is made of copper material. The copper material gives the plug a popular attraction to many because it is cheap, easy to clean and replace when compared to other metal such as platinum.

The Spark plug is made of the zinc-dipped shell which is a strong unit with great ability to resist grime, corrosion, and soiling. Furthermore, copper spark plug can be removed and polished, and a new life is made out of an already used plug.

3. Bosch 4428 FGR8LQP0 Platinum Spark Plug.

The platinum spark plugs appear among the elite rungs. The spark plug is both made of platinum and iridium metal. The iridium metal is used in making the electrode. The platinum metal increases the longevity of the plug.

The iridium electrode enhances the performance of the spark plug making it the best among other related platinum models. The Revolutionary surface air gap increased by ground electrodes delivers the most powerful that brings about the ultimate engine performance.

4. NGK (2202) DPR8EIX-9 Iridium IX Spark Plug

The spark plug offers high ignitability due to its superior anti-fouling. It is designed for the high performance of the engine because of iridium metal ability to withstand high temperatures without melting. The Fine Iridium tip ensures that the plug has a long life.

The tip also ensures that the excess heat is grounded and therefore minimizing the electrical quenching effect. The plug has a trivalent metal plating which gives the plug a superior anti-sizing and anti-corrosion properties.

5. NGK (6953) BKR5E-11 V POWER Spark Plug.


The spark plug is designed to work in a quite broad range of temperatures than other ordinary plugs. The plug is made of alumina ceramic that makes heat transfer and electrical insulation excellent. The super solid copper core and nickel-tipped electrode give the spark plug a longevity life. The triple gasket sealing process ensures that no possibility of gas leakage combustion. The trivalent metal plating gives the plug superior anti-corrosion properties.