Top 20 Best Tracer Cosplay From Overwatch [Number 5 is Adorable]

Tracer is one of the main characters and heroes from Overwatch. She is the British sweetheart also known as “The Calvary” specializing in speed and her dual machine pistols. [Cosplayer: Fenix.Fatalist, Photographer: Alexander Bootsman] [Model: Ardsami Cosplay, Photographer: Sutibu-sama] [Cosplayer: Mogu Cosplay, Photographer: Francesco Ambuchi] [Deviantart: RainbowMissy, Photographer: Miss V] [Deviantart: RizzyOkuni, Photographer: ShintaOni] [Deviantart: zerstooren] [Deviantart/Cosplayer: CallOfFateAndDestiny, Photographer: Nebulaluben] [Cosplayer: Kiyo – Photographer: Creedphotograhy] [Deviantart: XwinterXsilenceX, Photographer: BriLan Imagery] [Deviantart: LinaliaVII, Photographer: Enot] [Model: Tasha Cosplay] [Cosplayer: Amouranth (Kaitlyn Siragusa), Photographer: Manny Llanura Photography] [Ardsami – Photographer:] [Deviantart: zerstooren] [Deviantart: Justicarsirena, Photographer: The Will Box] [Deviantart: MisukiShimido] [Deviantart: DanniReis] [Cosplayer: MicroKitty Cosplay] [Deviantart: siepierski, Photographer: Shinji-Mamoru ] [Deviantart: SpcatsTasha, Photographer: SpiralCats]