Top 10 Best Witch Anime Series [Recommendations]

Best Witch Anime

Witch anime has’t always been the most popular genre among fans, but I still managed to compile a list of the best witch anime for you guys and gals to enjoy. Check out the list and let me know what you think!

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10) Witch Hunter Robin

Witch Hunter Robin

The show features witches with special powers like telekinesis, ESP, power to kill and mind control. Robin, who is the main character in this show, arrives in Japan from Italy to work for STN-J (STN Japan Division). STN-J is an organization that tries to capture dangerous witches alive to find out why they became witches and how they attained their powers. He is scheduled to replace Kate; one of the organization’s witch hunters who had been killed. Will Robin succeed in her mission?

9) Soul Eater

Soul Eater

The show features a story of students (meisters) who are trained in a special school known as Shinigami Weapon Meister. Each student used a sophisticated weapon and paired with a human weapon. Each student’s goal is to make his or her human weapon a “Death Scythe.” To achieve their goals, each must collect one witch and 99 souls of evil humans. There are plenty of adventures and challenges that lie in their way.

8) Umineko – When They Cry

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

This show is set in the island of Rokkenjima, which is owned by a wealthy Ushiromiya family. Every year, the family gathers in this island to discuss financial situations of each member. But this year’s main agenda is to discuss the inheritance issue because Kinzo (the head of the family) is ailing. Kinzo is not concerned about who will take his position. He is only desperate to meet true lover before he dies. The lover is none other than the Golden Witch, who goes by the name Beatrice.

7) Witch Craft Works

Witch Craft Works

Takamiya Honoka, who is the main character in this show, is a regular student who is antisocial. He sits next to the school’s most beautiful girl by the name Kagari Ayaka. They have never interacted before, let alone saying hi. Yet when Takamiya is attacked, and he is about to fall off the school’s building, it is Kagari who comes to his rescue except that she is dressed as a witch. Why was he attacked and who asks this beautiful lady to protect him?

6) Rosario + Vampire

rosario + vampire

Tsukune Aono accidentally finds himself at Youkai Acadamy, a bizarre school which admits monsters named youkai. Just when he thinks that he can run away, he meets one of the most beautiful monster girls named Moka. Tsukune does not believe that he is happy whenever he is near Moka. However, the truth is revealed when the girl’s rosary is taken off. Moka turns into a super dangerous vampire.

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