Bubblews Payment Proof and Review

What is Bubblews?

Bubblews is a social networking writing/blogging site like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, I would say it is a mix between the 2 of them. Bubblews allows you to post and write anything under the sun except for pornography. They pay you for every unique view, like/dislike and comments by others. It might sound too good to be true, but they are legit as I have received payment from them. I will post my payment proof at the end of the post.

Start Writing for Bubblews

Signing up for Bubblews is as easy as ABC. Just get on Bubblews website and sign up there. Once you are on, you can start submitting content by writing about a certain topic. They have a total of 24 topics so far. I am sure you can find something to write about. The key thing is to follow their rules. I am just going to give you a  brief summary on the rules you have to follow in order to get paid:

  • You must write at least 400 characters(not words)
  • Do not put many pictures/photos with less that 400 characters
  • No pornography
  • Must be written in English
  • Do not ask other Bubblews members to like your posts or demand they connect with you. They do so at their own free will.
  • No traffic exchange programs are allowed.
  • Do not use any IP manipulation techniques like bots.
  • No referral links from other sites(ClickBank, Amazon etc.). Bubblews already pay generously. They will not pay you to let users leave the site for your own financial gain.

With that said, you should start posting as soon as you sign up. Bubblews Site Navigation A

Bubblews Tips

  • Write 500 characters or more to be on the safe side.
  • Write quality content. If you write in mind of the readers, it will reap longer term benefits.
  • Use the Multiple Photos option when choosing the layout for a better looking bubble post. Below is an example:

Bubblews Site Submit Multiple Photo Example


  •  Try not to like your own posts. You can view them, but liking every one of your posts is suspect.
  • Learn to use tags and referring to someone.
  • Mingle with the community. Read other Bubblews member’s post, like and comment if you enjoy their posts. Remember to use their tag to earn them an extra cent and recognition.
  • Write articles targeted from Google search engine traffic, this will generate passive income as Bubblews has nice SERP rankings as the time of writing.
  • Connect with the main team &Bubblews, &BubblewsSupport1,  &BubblewsModerator1 so that you know the upcoming changes to Bubblews.
  • Share your work on your other social networking sites like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Twitter. Any sort of extra traffic is good. Just make sure not to overdo it, or else you will be labeled as a spammer.

My Bubblews Payment Proof

First Redemption from Bubblews As you can see, they do pay you when you follow the rules. Some payments might take a couple of days, so do wait for a bit. One thing I do suggest that they do is to put “We will contact you within 3 days” after you click the redemption button.  They are putting “We will contact you within 24 hours”, which can be hard to deal with when you don’t hear from them in a day.

Update July 1st 2013

My 2nd and 3rd payment isn’t paid. I might have broken a rule there. I suggest you stay away from it until they have some clear cut rules and standard payments.


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