Case Study: How I Made $477/Month on YouTube

How I Made $477/Month on YouTube

Hey fellow online fanatics! It has been a while since I made a post here. I went back to my home country Malaysia for 3 months. In that time, I experimented with making YouTube videos.

YouTube is another platform for you to earn money if you have a passion for making videos. I have only used 2 types of video recorders to edit and record my videos. They are:

How to Earn From YouTube

Earning from YouTube is very simple. You just connect your Adsense account to your channel and you will be able to start earning with it. Alternatively, you can also join third party networks and they will also pay. However, I don’t recommend that until you have gained some popularity on YouTube.

YouTube has a special program called the YouTube Partner Program. Anyone that uploads videos to their platform and follow their content guidelines and policies will be able to earn money from their ad revenue system. They share ad revenue with you. I am not entirely sure about the percentage, but it is right around the 50-60% mark.

As for how much you can earn for views generate will depend on how much advertisers are willing to pay. One can expect $0.50 to $2 per 1000 views.

Subscribers – The Key to Views and More Earnings

YouTube Subs

Your goal is to create videos that are entertaining and make viewers want to subscribe to your channel. The more subscribers you have, the better it is. They will usually come back and check out your new videos. More views mean more earnings!

Content Creation

Since I focus on gaming, all my videos are video game related. I focus on mainly 2 games with 2 separate channels focusing on each one. One channel is mostly game play videos showing gamers how to become better at the game. The other channel is a humor/entertainment gaming channel.

Every few days, I would make videos related to the game. Being consistent is key here as it will always keep you moving forward and actually keep you going.

Promoting Your Channel Initially

This is probably the hardest step since you won’t be getting any views until you have some subscribers. YouTube will eventually start promoting your video after it starts getting some views.

Once you have a few videos, I suggest doing some mild promotion by posting your videos to relevant forums, sub reddits or any place where it will get you some views.

If the content is good, people will start sharing. That will usually kick start your video to prompt YouTube to show your videos in the relevant video section.

Don’t give up when you aren’t getting too many views though. YouTube videos usually take a few weeks to start racking up views unless you have a big subscriber base.

Video Tips

  1. Always have another video link to one of your other videos at the end of the video. This will get you extra views.
  2. Having a short 3-5 second intro will always help build your brand to your audience. You can get a cheap one done on Fiverr for $5.50 USD.
  3. Create thumbnails for your video so it stands out. It will improve click through rates.
  4. Produce videos consistently and you will start seeing your YouTube channel grow.

Video Earnings

YouTube Earnings 3

Here is a screenshot of 1 of my channels. It does really well and I am quite satisfied with the work I put in!

I highly encourage you to try it out if you enjoy making videos.


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