Top 8 Best & Cheap Makeup Brushes [For Women]

Ladies are known to have a tendency of paying too much attention to their faces and eyes. This is the reason why they invest selflessly on the eye and facial products like makeup brushes. The disappointing thing about this is that it is a challenge to most of them when it comes to selecting the right makeup brushes on the market today.

Selecting Good Makeup Brushes

One of the things that you should know is that a price does not necessarily dictate quality and also the quality of a brush is not always attached to the brand. Therefore, you do not have to spend a fortune to purchase fancy brushes. Instead look for the quality of the 3 main makeup brush parts.


You will either go for natural or synthetic options. For powder and contouring, you need bigger face brushes that feel soft. For eyes and lips, you need smaller detail brushes that are firm. The hairs should be firm and not easily shed.


For this one, you should look for a width and length that you are comfortable in. It should be the one that you can easily manipulate and manage when applying makeup. It can either be made of wood or plastic material.


This is the middle part of the brush that connects the handle and the bristles. You should go for the one with a seamless construction. This means that the material should be a single piece without joints. This ensures that no powder or makeup gets trapped in the ferrule since this can lead to its destruction. Aluminum is okay, but stainless steel or brass are the best materials for this part.

Top 8 Best Makeup Brushes from Amazon

#8.Real Techniques Core Makeup Brushes for Women


These are makeup brushes that come from a renown brand in the makeup industry. They are known to come up with high-quality products and this one is not an exception. It comes as a kit that contains 4 brushes. The four brushes include; a contour brush, pointed fountain brush, detailer brush and finally a buffing brush. Each of the four brushes performs a specific function during the process. In order for the application process to be easier, these brushes have been color corded. They come with plush Taklon and smooth brushes, unlike conventional brushes. This ensures that the bristles do not harm your skin when making up since they are gentle. They come with a case that helps you to carry them around.

#7.Real Techniques Starter Kit- Best Makeup Brushes


Are you looking for the best and highly affordable starter kit? Then search no more as this is your ideal option that will be worth every cent of your hard earned money. The brushes come in a kit that provides all you require for excellent eye definition. The kit comes with 5 brushes for eye makeup. They are meant for brow brushing, creasing, eye lining, accenting and eye shadowing. To make the brush user-friendly, the brushes are color corded. To enhance their durability, their base is made of copper. For a delicate and soft feel, the heads of the brushes are cut to precision for the application process.

#6.Beau Belle Makeup Brushes


These are eco-friendly and elegant brushes and highly ideal to those ladies who want to get a professional look. The set of brushes varies from facial application brushes to eye makeup. This means with these brushes, you get basically everything that you require. This set comes with 24 brushes which are designed from materials with a premium quality. In order to give you a mess-free and accurate application, it features bristles that are shaped to perfection. It comes with a case that provides ease of access and means to carry your brushes.

#5.BESTOPE Professional Makeup Brushes


These are makeup brushes for women, which are highly affordable and ideal for professional use. They come in a set of 32 pieces and have wooden handles. Their bristles are synthetic or made of goat hair. This means that their bristles are soft on both sensitive and normal skin types. To ensure that your brushes remain in perfect condition, the manufacturer advises that you should use a daily use makeup brush cleanser or makeup remover wipes. For better maintenance, you should squeeze out the excess water using a paper towel, to ensure that the attaching glue isn’t soaked. As a result of this, the brush head remains firm on the handle. The brushes come in a case that you carry them around with.

#4.DRQ Professional Makeup Brushes


Are you a pink color lover? Here comes a perfect match for you for your makeup brushes. They are all pink in color making them appealing to the eye. They are pretty and comes as a set of 32 brushes at a pocket-friendly price. You can gift them to a friend or family member and you can be sure that they will be a perfect surprise for them and they will love it. They come with pink wooden handles with natural hair bristles that are white in color. This makes them attractive and they are perfect when applying makeup as they give you a flawless makeup. Unlike some of the makeup brushes, these ones never shed bristles. They are all firm for the makeup application process.

#3.BESTOPE Makeup Brushes Premium Cosmetics


If you are looking for chic makeup brushes, well here comes your match. They come in a set of 8 brushes and each performs a unique function. It is ideal for personal use and the bristles are synthetic. The brushes are available at a very affordable price and they are silky and soft. Unlike some natural bristle makeup brushes, these ones are more hygienic and hypoallergenic. You can use them on any makeup from mineral powders to foundations. They come with a luxury feel and look.

#2.BS-MALL (TM) Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brushes


This is affordable, yet high-quality makeup brush set on the market today. Most ladies love it since it makes makeup application to be a luxury. This is because the brushes are very soft just like most high-end brushes. They are highly versatile in the sense that you can use them on powder, liquid or mousse beautifully. They have synthetic fiber bristles of top quality making the brushes more hygienic compared to those that are made of natural animal hair bristles. The brushes are dense and well-shaped for perfect makeup application. They come in chunky handles, making them simple to manipulate. They are highly friendly to people with sensitive skin as well since they do not cause any irritation.

#1.EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brushes


This is a set of makeup brushes that is worth to top the top 8 best makeup brushes for women. The brushes come with bamboo handles of high quality. Their bristles are made from the synthetic fiber of the first rate to ensure better hygiene and easy cleaning. The bristles are super soft and cause no irritation even to sensitive skins. The brushes come with a luxurious feel and look without shedding the bristles at all. The set comes with 12 makeup brushes that are great for powder, cream, and liquid application, giving you a superior makeup look just like you have always wanted. All these qualities come at a pocket-friendly price in one package. Get it today and change your makeup application process for the better.