10 Beautiful Anime Tattoo Ideas and Designs

As an anime fan, it is quite amazing for me to see some of these people love anime. They also express themselves with some beautiful and mind blowing tattoos that I think is incredible.

Anime Tattoo 1

Source: iLoveTrunks

Even her user name suggests that. I ain’t gonna lie, Trunks is one BAMF!

Anime Tattoo 2

Source: Koyico

Someone likes One Piece and Luffy!!! This is quite a crazy tattoo.

Anime Tattoo 3

Source: Cartoon District

“I am Pain”, on my neck! Talk about a crazy tattoo!!

Anime Tattoo 5

Source: Zupi

This is the great Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin, the battousai.

Anime Tattoo 6

Source: Zupi

Anime Tattoo 4

Source: Cartoon District

Ah, the great Itachi. He is quite a popular guy in Naruto, and girls love him. 🙂

Anime Tattoo 7

Source: Zupi

Anime Tattoo 8

Source: Pinterest

WHAT! Am I going to be eaten by a Titan!

Anime Tattoo 9

Source: Tattoo Hunt

This is Lucy from Elfen Lied. This anime is gorey beyond my tastes when I watched it as a kid.

Anime Tattoo 10

And I guess people love Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion too!