Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia IFRIT TRIAL EX Guide

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia IFRIT TRIAL EX Guide


Be sure to watch the video above to get all the fine details of this guide. All information is referenced from the video.

This guide is about the Ifrit Trial event in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. We’ll go over what the event is about, what characters to use during the event, and how to prepare for it.

Ifrit Esper Trial – Preparation

Trial Details

The Ifrit Esper Trial event is going to give us a chance to collect 2, 3, and 4-star materials that will allow you to level Ifrit up beyond level 5. Through the story, you can get all materials needed to reach level 5 but after you will need the event to go beyond.

You can get other kinds of rewards from the event such as Summon Tickets, Gems, and even more. This event is a two-part event, whether or not they release it globally doesn’t matter we’ll be covering both parts anyways.

Part 1 contains 5 stages and part 2 contains 2 stages which are very difficult. Stage 6 is a level 60 difficulty and 7 being a level 70 difficulty.

The feature bosses are the land turtle which appears at stage one, Behemoth at stage 2, Red Giant at stage 3, and then Chimera at stage 4. Then stages 5 through 7 will contain a mix of these bosses but all of them will have buffs on them.

Your characters will also have the synergy bonus on them during this event. So all of your characters will have their stats boosted.

Event Banner

A weekly banner has also been released with this trial so you can pull weapons from that. But the one you want is Clouds Crimson Edge.

It’s a sword weapon that removes enemy buffs when it lands a critical hit. And this will be extremely helpful for this trial.

Tips to Prepare

Definitely get your Ifrit to level 5 because the new boss Chimera is weak against fire so that’ll be helpful. Having your Ifrit at level 5 also has him prepared to be pushed beyond once you do the event.

It’s good to have one Bravery Battery character as well, a great one would be Yuna, One Magic DPS, and one Physical DPS. You should also consider farming fire crystals for Vanille.

She can be a valuable asset in this event especially against the Chimera boss. And that’s the next thing we’re going to talk about.

The Chimera

The Chimera Boss is a new one that will be released at stage 4 and also appears on stages 5-7. The stage 4 version has 40,000 HP and is weak to fire, stage 5 has 50,000, stage 6 has 70,000, and stage 7 has 90,000 and also can maximize his brave at 8500 but still has that weakness to fire.

During the fight, the Chimera is going to start buffing itself depending on its health percent. At 80% he increases his attack times 1.8. At 50% his defense raises and reduces bravery damage by 10%, and at 30% he begins regenerating bravery.

Recommended Characters

Below is a list of recommended characters for this event. They are in no way required just helpful suggestions for this event.


  • Deprotects debuffs the enemy ATK and DEF allowing for more damage to be dealt and less to be received
  • Dispel is EXTREMELY valuable against Chimera. You want to remove the debuffs.


  • Esuna is good even without her weapon. Bravery batter and status ailment removal.
  • Cheer can save a character low on Bravery in a pinch.


  • If you pull his Crimson Edge, he can effectively remove enemy buffs as well with critical hits.
  • A chance to paralyze helps and a guaranteed Chase can rack up the damage.


  • Blood weapon is a high damaging attack that self-sustains Firion.
  • Seize attack is a great way for Firion to self-sustain his BRV in the chance his BRV dips to low.


  • Vivi’s Fire ability is great against Chimera who is weak to fire.
  • Focus will further help Vivi’s damage output


  • The magical sword is fire based which is great against Chimera.
  • His Power Break can help in a pinch to potentially lower the enemy’s ATK.

Warrior of Light

  • Shine Shield is amazing to protect your units from incoming BRV or can also be used in conjunction with Throw Buckler.
  • Throw Buckler removes aggro from a targeted unit and draws them to WoL.
  • High Turn rate could potentially allow you to Shine Shield yourself after Throw Buckler


  • Both abilities have High Turn Rate allowing him to act quite often.
  • Potential Speed Debuff on enemy from Stellar Circle 5 can be useful in manipulating turns


  • The only HP healer available can help in keeping your characters alive.
  • Turn Swap could strategically be used to save another ally. For example, if enemy’s turn was coming up and the enemy is targeting a low BRV unit.


  • Stone can come in handy to delay the enemy a turn.
  • Medica 2 makes her a great BRV battery for the party


  • Valiant Blow has multiple uses at the cost of his HP to initiate a guaranteed Chase. Use it in conjunction with a summon.


  • Great choice for BRV Breaker with Doublehand. Missile is especially useful against stage 7 Chimera who can max out its BRV to 8500!!!


  • High Burst Damage in conjunction with her chants.
  • Her Chants can also act as BRV batteries for herself in case she is low on BRV


  • Great support! Great Haste gives your units a higher chance to take their turns or even manipulate turns before the enemy can act!
  • Regen Waltz helps with survivability


  • Shell and Protect helps the party survive and take less damage as well as act as pseudo BRV battery.

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