Dungeon Hunter Champion [3 Star Champion Tier List] by Barcode

Special thanks to Barcode for giving his opinion on the best natural 3 star champions in DHG. If you haven’t already, check out the discussion of this on Reddit. You can also check out the original document here. Also, there is an awesome DHC wiki that has all the hero skills and details. You can check it out here. There are also teams for Elder Drake and Steel Widow.

Here is the legend:

  • S – Useful everywhere
  • A – Many Uses
  • B – Useful in certain areas
  • C – Situation-ally Used
  • D – Useful Once in a while
  • E – Do not waste resources
Tiki WarriorFireEA tank that does not bring anything to the table besides Crit Buff and Haste as an Aura around her.
Tiki WarriorWaterDFeed your Fire to Water, she brings the same kit + an Immoblize. Better Water Tank out there tho..
RangerFireDOnly good for a last DPS spot in full fire team.
RangerWaterCGood for Widow if you need immunity and noone else on team has it.
RangerForestXBFor 5v5 PVP. Ignore Defense Ult, an escape, aoe Slow, and auto crit on 4th shot. Decent ranged DPS
RangerLightCDecent Neutral DPS for Arena. Brings Block Buffs, and Blind, and has an escape.
RangerDarkBNeutral DPS with Damage over Time,has two AoE attacks, good for High HP Bosses
BasiliskFireDGood, but feed to Water. Not worth the full investment.
BasiliskWaterBAwesome tank for floor 10 Steel Widow, Immunity, Defense Break, Disorient, Damage based Def skills.
BasiliskDarkCGreat Neutral Tank with Shields and Stuns, Could be used for PVP or as a Starter Tank
Boon SisterFireBAtk Buff with Heal, AoE Defense Break, 3 buff strip, pretty good for PvP.
Boon SisterWaterXAHeal, Slow, Stun. Can be used in Widow, Drake, PvP, and other places. Starter Healer too.
Boon SisterForestCHP based damage Mage. Bruiser type but brings nothing else but a stun and single target Def break.
Boon SisterLightSUtility Healer. "Bella", Def break, strip, heal, stun.
Boon SisterDarkCDebatably better than Forest because Dark Element, but other elements Shine over this one.
Bounty HunterFireXEDHC Poster Child. Feed to light
Bounty HunterWaterEDHC Poster Child. Feed to light
Bounty HunterForestEDHC Poster Child. Feed to light. Almost made the list, but since Forest…meh.
Bounty HunterLightCOnly decent Bounty Hunter. Self Crit buff and like all BH's, has increased Crit Damage bonus.
Bounty HunterDarkEDHC Poster Child. Feed to light
Candy MunchkinForestBHigh Hp Bosses She will do will in as most of her skills damage are based on Enemy Max HP
Candy MunchkinDarkXCForest is rated higher b/c F10 Drake is Water, also Dark doesn't have Self Crit buff so harder to gear.
SpearmanForestEBrings nothing besides a Provoke.
SpearmanDarkESame as Forest, brings nothing as a tank.
Crow HagFireCGreat monster, unfortunately, other 4 are more useful in currently PvE content. Last spot in Fire team?
Crow HagWaterBAwesome in F10 Widow
Crow HagForestBAwesome in F10 Drake
Crow HagLightSBest Nat 3 DPS for PvE overall.
Crow HagDarkXAOutshined by Light, but still amazing and can be taken anywhere that debuffs are needed.
Dragon GuardFireCFire Tank with an Atk Break, Good if you lack an Atk break on your Fire Team……
Dragon GuardForestXBSelf Def Buff, slow, aoe Stun. 5v5 Forest Tank to go with.
Dragon GuardDarkBGreat Neutral Defensive based tank. High utility with Atk Brk, Atk Slow, and Stun.
DryadForestXERegeneration Heal is in the targeted allies feet, easily moved out of.
DryadLightDBetter healer than Forest, but still not great, Allies can move out of the grounded heal
DryadDarkCBest of the Dryads, Situationally good because Mortal Wounds. Just a back up healer
FairyFireDDecent PVP Assassin. That’s about it.
FairyWaterDDecent PVP Assassin. That’s about it.
FairyLightCThe only Fairy you should build, if you build one.
Fox AssassinFireXAGreat in 5v5, Decent in team PvP. Mainly a PvP character. Silence, 3 Stack DoT, and a slow. Widow too.
Fox AssassinWaterCDecent but not as good as Fire.
Fox AssassinForestDStrip and silence, but nothing else.
Fox AssassinLightCDecent Utility, but not needed anywhere specific.
Fox AssassinDarkBDecent Kit, Good Raid Boss Killer.
GolemForestXCDecent Forest Tank. A channeling skill for Disorient leaves him vulnerable to attacks.
GolemLightCSame as Forest, but a little better due to buff stealing.
GolemDarkCLost the Disorient, but has a Blind.
AstromancerForestENot worth the effort, save for nat 4 Astro's or Light.
AstromancerLightCGood Nat 3, due to all skills hitting AoE, Ignore Defense, and Stun, but that’s her only use is PvP
MercenaryFireXBYour Fire Nat 3 5v5 Tank. Provoke, Stun, and ultimate can Finish someone off who is low.
MercenaryWaterCGood Defensive based Fighter, but Kit is weird. Ultimate ignores Def but damage not based off Def.
MercenaryForestDForest Dragon Guard better tank, so ranked lower.
MercenaryLightCSame as Water, I would say worse , but since she is light, she isn't weak to anything damage wise.
MercenaryDarkBBest Nat 3 Dark Tank. Neutral element can take anywhere, Has Provoke , damage reflection.
ValkyrieFireCGreat Kit, but gets beat out in grade by other elements because of available content.
ValkyrieWaterXBOn Par with Water Boon but graded lower due to being a speed nuking healer. Great for Widow as backup.
ValkyrieForestBGreat utility for F10 Drake. Atk speed DPS. Def break, atk break, atk speed buff to team.
ValkyrieLightCSpeed DPS, but falls short of Water and Forest
ValkyrieDarkDOther elements are just better. Not worth over the rest.
Derby GirlFireCStun Machine with Self Crit, only real thing she has for her.
Derby GirlWaterCCould be useful as a Support mainly for your DPS, brings disorient as well.
Derby GirlForestENot worth the effort
Derby GirlLightCDecent Neutral Healer with utility, but then there is Light Boon Sister.
Derby GirlDarkXAStun Locking Assasin with Self Crit,Haste, and Def Buffs. Definitely worth the build for 5v5. Top Nat 3 5v5
SentinelFireDTanks with Damage over Time is fantastic, but the rest of the kit is meh.
SentinelWaterXCYour only Water Tank for 5v5. Damage over time, Self Shield, and a Slow
SentinelLightDMediocre skill set, nothing Special besides the Damage over time.
SharkWaterXBGood assassin for mobility and sustain for 5v5. No other uses though
SharkLightBIf you need a heal blocking nuker, this is your man. Gets better the lower health the enemy has.
SharkDarkDWater is better in PvP, Light is better in PvE.
Skand BerserkerFireXBGreat Bruiser/Nuker for 5v5. Fire Fox is a bit better, but Berserker can sustain much more and chase down.
Skand BerserkerWaterABest Nat 3 Farmer. Put on Vamp and profit. Aoe Atk break, Lifesteal in skill, Atk Buff, Undying, Haste.
Skand BerserkerForestCOutshined by whole family, but nonetheless, still has a great kit.
Skand BerserkerLightBGood in Arena, Neutral Element, can chase down, has same skills as Water except no Atk Break.
Skand BerserkerDarkBGood farmer, but more of a bruiser.
Time KeeperWaterAF10 Widow. lower skill cooldowns of allies, has Damage over Time, heal, Mortal Wounds, Blocks Buffs.
Time KeeperForestCDecent but all time Keepers are better than Forest.

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