Egg Inc Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Collecting money and eggs.

Besides the standard method of collecting cash through how large your egg farm is there are a few¬†other ways to rake in a lot of money. First is the additional videos. In most games you don’t see a big benefit from watching the videos, however in Egg Inc you are greatly rewarded for your time.

egg inc eggThis is one way to get a lot of eggs without spending money, in some cases I have gotten almost 100 eggs from watching a video. The payout is random it could be eggs or it could be a giant stack of money that adjust based on your current income level.

The second place where you will collect a nice stack of cash or eggs from the random crate that will periodically be dropped . You can get this either by tapping on the box in front of your farm or tapping the icon in the top right corner of the game screen.

egg inc money

You might over look these but tap on drones as you see them fly by. Drones can carry either money or eggs for you, and they are great after you’ve spent all your money when you aren’t pulling in a lot of money from your farm.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Upgrade your shipping trucks last and only when you’re close to running out of room.
  • Tap the check list to check current missions, these are great for farming eggs.
  • Tap the lighting bolt to open the boost menu – Tap the 2x multiplier to increase your money earned for 4 hours.
  • Considering buying eggs? Wait until your egg Piggy Bank surpasses The Big Crate. So you can get the same or more eggs for almost half the price.
  • Go to the next egg type as soon as possible, you don’t keep your money or skills.
  • Try maxing out all the “Reduce” epic skills to make each restart quicker.


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