Fire Emblem: Heroes Character Tier List [Top Units]

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

Welcome to the Fire Emblem: Heroes character tier list! Below is a table that has a rating in the game that is given by the community here. Don’t be disappointed if your favorite FE character is not top tier. I personally own Ryoma and I agree that he is top tier as he can counter ranged units. Also, the tier list is subject to change!

The rating goes like this:

  • S+ = Excellent
  • S = Great
  • A = Decent
  • B = Mediocre
  • C = Bad
  • Unrated = Not yet rated

Unit types are below:

  • Infantry = Units that travel by foot. They cannot go past water or walls.
  • Flying = Can fly over walls and water areas. Vulnerable to archers.
  • Armored = Heavy armored units and strong defense against physical damage. Weak to magic attacks.
  • Calvary = Character mounts on a horse. Can’t travel to forest patches.
LynFE The Blazing BladeSwordInfantryS+
RyomaFE Fate BirthrightSwordInfantryS+
LucinaFE AwakeningSwordInfantryA
ChromFE AwakeningSwordInfantryA
MarthFE Mystery of the EmblemSwordInfantryA
RoyFE The Binding BladeSwordInfantryA
CorrinMFE FatesSwordInfantryA
OgmaFE Mystery of the EmblemSwordInfantryA
DraugFE Mystery of the EmblemSwordArmoredA
CainFE Mystery of the EmblemSwordCalvaryA
CaedaFE Mystery of the EmblemSwordFlyingB
FirFE The Binding BladeSwordInfantryB
OliviaFE AwakeningSwordInfantryA
LonquFE AwakeningSwordInfantryB
StahlFE AwakeningSwordCalvaryB
EliwoodFE The Binding BladeSwordCalvaryB
HanaFE FatesSwordInfantryB
PallaFE Shadow DragonSwordFlyingB
HinataFE FatesSwordInfantryB
LaslowFE FatesSwordInfantryB
SelenaFE FatesSwordinfantryB
AlfonseFE HeroesSwordInfantryC
NavarreFE Mystery of the EmblemSwordinfantryUnrated
LeoFE FatesRed TomeCalvaryS+
TharjaFE AwakeningRed TomeInfantryS+
LilinaFE The Binding BladeRed TomeInfantryA
SophiaFE The Blazing BladeRed TomeInfantryB
HenryFE AwakeningRed TomeInfantryB
TikiYoungFE AwakeningRed BeastInfantryS+
TikiFE AwakeningRed BeastInfantryA
CordeliaFE AwakeningLanceFlyingS+
AzuraFE FatesLanceInfantryS+
AbelFE Mystery of the EmblemLanceCalvaryA
SullyFE AwakeningLanceCalvaryA
DonnelFE AwakeningLanceInfantryA
FlorinaFE The Blazing BladeLanceFlyingA
GwendolynFE The Binding BladeLanceArmoredA
ShannaFE The Binding BladeLanceFlyingA
EffieFE FatesLanceArmoredA
PeriFE FatesLanceCalvaryA
SubakiFE FatesLanceFlyingA
HinokaFE FatesLanceFlyingA
CatriaFE Shadow DragonLanceFlyingA
EstFE Mystery of the EmblemLanceFlyingA
OboroFE FatesLanceInfantryA
JagenFE Mystery of the EmblemLanceCalvaryA
SharenaFE HeroesLanceInfantryC
RobinMFE AwakeningBlue TomeInfantryA
LindeFE Mystery of the EmblemBlue TomeInfantryA
OdinFE FatesBlue TomeInfantryB
RobinFFE AwakeningBlue TomeInfantryUnrated
NowiFE AwakeningBlue BeastInfantryS+
CorrinFFE FatesBlue BeastInfantryA
CamillaFE FatesAxeFlyingS+
HectorFE The Blazing BladeAxeArmoredS+
RavenFE The Blazing BladeAxeInfantryA
MinervaFE Mystery of the EmblemAxeFlyingB
HawkeyeFE The Blazing BladeAxeInfantryB
FrederickFE AwakeningAxeCalvaryB
GunterFE FatesAxeCalvaryB
ChercheFE AwakeningAxeFlyingB
ArthurFE FatesAxeInfantryB
BartreFE The Binding BladeAxeInfantryB
BarstFE Shadow DragonAxeInfantryB
BerukaFE FatesAxeFlyingB
AnnaFE HeroesAxeInfantryC
NarcianFE The Blazing BladeAxeFlyingUnrated
NinoFE The Blazing BladeGreen TomeInfantryA
MerricFE Shadow DragonGreen TomeInfantryA
CeciliaFE The Binding BladeGreen TomeCalvaryA
FaeFE The Binding BladeGreen BeastInfantryS+
TakumiFE FatesBowInfantryS+
JeorgeFE Mystery of the EmblemBowInfantryA
GordinFE Mystery of the EmblemBowInfantryB
NilesFE FatesBowInfantryB
VirionFE AwakeningBowInfantryB
SetsunaFE FatesBowInfantryB
FeliciaFE FatesShurikenInfantryA
SaizoFE FatesShurikenInfantryA
JakobFE FatesShurikenInfantryA
GaiusFE AwakeningShurikenInfantryB
KageroFE FatesShurikenInfantryB
MatthewFE The Blazing BladeShurikenInfantryB
ClarineFE The Blazing BladeStaffCalvaryA
MariaFE Shadow DragonStaffInfantryA
SerraFE The Blazing BladeStaffInfantryA
SakuraFE FatesStaffInfantryB
AzamaFE FatesStaffInfantryB
EliseFE FatesStaffCalvaryA
LissaFE AwakeningStaffInfantryA
WrysFE Shadow DragonStaffInfantryB
CamusFE Shadow DragonLanceCalvary-
MichalisFE Shadow DragonAxeFlying-
RaighFE The Binding BladeRed TomeInfantryA
SheenaFE Mystery of the EmblemAxeArmoredB
UrsulaFE The Blazing BladeBlue TomeCalvary-
VeronicaFE HeroesGreen TomeInfantry-
XanderFE FatesSwordCalvary-
ZephielFE The Binding BladeSwordArmored-
SeliphFire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy WarSwordInfantryA
JuliaFire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy WarGreen TomeInfantryA
EirikaFire Emblem: Sacred StonesLanceInfantryA
EphraimFire Emblem: Sacred StonesSwordArmoredS
Olwen Fire Emblem: Tharcia 776Blue TomeCalvaryA+
ReinhardtFire Emblem: Thracia 776Blue TomeCalvaryA+
KleinFire Emblem: The Binding BladeNeutral BowInfantryA+
EldiganFire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy WarRed SwordCalvaryA
SanakiFire Emblem: Radiant DawnRed SwordInfantryA+
LachesisFire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy WarNeutral StaffInfantryB
PriscillaFire Emblem: The Blazing BladeNeutral StaffCalvary
KarelFire Emblem: The Blazing BladeRed SwordInfantry
LuciusFire Emblem: The Blazing BladeNeutral StaffInfantry
RebeccaFire Emblem: The Blazing BladeNeutral BowInfantry
NinianFire Emblem: The Blazing BladeBlue BreathInfantry
JaffarFire Emblem: The Blazing BladeNeutral DaggerInfantry