Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Character Tier List [2-6 Stars]


Welcome to the FFBE character tier list. I will be keeping the list up to date as soon as I have more data. This is based off FFBE-Wiki’s tier list. Be sure to visit the site for more detailed info. If you would like to chat about the game.

GuideUnitsTier ListTrust Master
Town of MitraRoyal Capital GrandsheltPort City LodinOrdol Port
Port City LydiraVillage of KolGrandportVillage of Marlo
Ghost Port KolobosFelicitas TownIndustrial City DilmagiaVillage of Ambel
Town of KoltsAquapolis OlderionTown of AmoreRaven's Hideaway
Earth Shrine ExpLatius Woods ExpDalnakya Cavern ExpGrandshelt Catacombs Exp
Fulan Pass ExpPhantom Forest ExpZadehl Westersand ExpLanzelt Highlands Exp
Wolfsfang Peak ExpLanzelt Mountains ExpKolobos Marsh ExpGolzas Canyon Exp
Kolobos Reef ExpShrine of Decay ExpMaranda Coast ExpDwarves' Forge Exp
Windy Heights West ExpMobreeze Airship Factory ExpJunkyard ExpWind Shrine Exp
Mystic WoodsAquatic CoverLake DorrGhost Ship Exp
Water Shrine ExpAbandoned Orphanage ExpTimber Tracks Exp
MagicSpecial AbilitiesEspersColosseum
White DragonDemon ChimeraThe IntangirSurging Menace
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Just a quick description. The tier list for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is based on the following criteria:

  • Skills > Future Proof > Stats = Equipment > Trust

Also keep in mind that the list will be subject to change as more new units/maps are coming out and it could affect the viability of the character. The 2-3 star characters do have some use, but will be obsolete once you get any of the good 5/6 star unit.

Tier | Unit

Unit List

Here are all the available units right now. New units will be added once we get an update! I am doing a review for each unit. The ones with their name in red are clickable and I will keep on doing more unit reviews till its completed!

NameSpriteFrom?RoleBase RarityMax RarityTrust Master
RainFF BEPhysical Damage, Support26-
LasswellLasswell-5FF BEPhysical Damage25-
FinaFina-5FF BEHealing, Support25-
RizerRizer-2FF BEPhysical Damage12HP +10%
LeahLeah-2FF BEHealing12Banish
TronnTronn-2FF BEMagic Damage12Fira
EldinEldin-2FF BESupport12Pilfer
BaurgBaurg-2FF BEPhysical Damage12Store
GimleeGimlee-2FF BEHealing12Aim
MaxellMaxell-2FF BEPhysical Damage12Power Shot
LizaLiza-2FF BESupport12Lullaby
WedgeWedge-3FF 6Magic Damage23Fire Beam
BiggsBiggs-3FF 6Magic Damage23Blizzard Beam
PaulPaul-3FF 2Support23Escape
AnastasisAnastasis-3FF 12Healing23Regen
SarahSarah-3FF 1Support23Paean
King GiottKing_Giott-3FF 4Physical Damage23Stone Killer
ShikiShiki-3FF BEPhysical Damage23Tranquility
MizellMizell-3FF BESupport23Deprotect
RonaldoRonaldo-3FF BEHybrid Damage23Drain Blade
MelMel-3FF BESupport, Healing23Drink
ViviVivi-4FF 9Magic Damage34Firaga
PeneloPenelo-4FF 12Support34Equip S Sword
MariaMaria-4FF 2Healing34Esuna
SabinSabin-4FF 6Physical Damage34Counter
ShadowShadow-4FF 6Support34Throw
Krileunit-krile-5FF 5Magic Damage, Healing35Thundaga
KainKain-4FF 4Physical Damage35Gungnir
EdgarEdgar-4FF 6Physical Damage, Support34Machine Killer
FranFran-4FF 12Support, Healing34Cleanse
ShantottoShantotto-4FF 11Magic Damage34MAG +30%
RydiaRydia-4FF 4Magic Damage35Blizzaga
CyanCyan-4FF 6Physical Damage34Evade
ClyneClyne-4FF BEHealing34Cover
AnzelmAnzelm-4FF BEMagic Damage, Healing34Drain
LunaLuna-4FF BEPhysical Damage34Barrage
BedileBedile-4FF BEHybrid Damage, Support34Thundaga Blade
GarlandGarland-5FF 1Physical Damage, Tank35Equip L Sword
Exdeathunit-exdeath-6FF 5Magic Damage36Holy
KujaKuja-5FF 9Magic Damage35Flare
Cloud of DarknessCloud_of_Darkness-5FF 3Physical Damage, Support36Auto-Limit
CecilCecil-5FF 4Tank, Healing36Excalibur
TerraTerra-5FF 6Magic Damage, Healing36Ultima
Magitek Armor TerraMagitek_Armor_Terra-4FF 6Magic Damage34-
Bartzunit-bartz-6FF 5Physical Damage36Doublehand
FirionFF 2Physical Damage36Equip H Armor
ZidaneZidane-5FF 9Support35Dual Wield
VaanVaan-5FF 12Support35Maximilian
DuaneDuane-5FF BESupport, Physical Damage35Bioga Blade
CeriusFF BESupport36Miracle Shoes
RoseliaRoselia-5FF BEHealing35Equip Staff
MediusFF BEPhysical Damage36Growth Egg
SaraiSarai-2FF BESupport12Silence Dance
PaulaPaula-3FF BEMagic Damage23Stonra
KenyuKenyu-3FF BEPhysical Damage23Raging Fist
OllieOllie-3FF BETank23Aquan Killer
CarrieCarrie-3FF BEPhysical Damage, Healing23Sunbeam
SkahaSkaha-3FF BEPhysical Damage23Dragon Killer
MontanaMontana-3FF BESupport23Camouflage
RussellRussell-4FF BETank, Support34Bladeblitz
MiyukiMiyuki-5FF BESupport35Sakurafubuki
GolbezGolbez-5FF 4Magic Damage35Meteor
GalufGaluf-4FF 5Magic Damage35Comet
XiaoFF BEPhysical Damage, Support36Kaiser Knuckles
LockeLocke-5FF 6Support, Physical Damage35Rising Sun
LeoLeo-5FF 6Tank, Physical Damage35Aegis Shield
GilbertGilbert-5FF BESupport35Dream Harp
CelesCeles-5FF 6Magic Damage, Support35Minerva Bustier
KefkaKefka-5FF 6Magic Damage36Ribbon
RakshasaRakshasa-5FF BEHybrid Damage, Support35Holy Blade
ChizuruFF BEPhysical Damage46Blade Mastery
ArtemiosArtemios-5FF BEPhysical Damage35Equip Bow
HayateHayate 5 StarFF BESupport35Black Cowl
Warrior of LightWarrior of LightFF 1Physical Damage45Light's Blessing
LennaLenna 5 StarFF 5Support, Healing35Magi Staff
TellahTellah 5 StarFF 4Magic Damage35Mp +30%
AmarantAmarant 5 StarFF 9Tank35Hp+30%
LaniLani 4 StarFF 9Magic Damage34Equip Axe
GarnetGarnet 5 StarFF 9Support, Healing45Melody of Life
FreyaFreya 5 StarFF 9Physical Damage, Healing35Angel Earrings
Fencerfencer-5-starFF CDPhysical Damage45Lunge Combo
Jugglerjuggler-5-starFF CDPhysical Damage45Sticky Fingers
Thiefthief-5-starFF CDPhysical Damage45Coin Steal
Lightninglightning-6-starFF 13Physical Damage56Aurora Scarf
Charlottecharlotte-5-starFF BETank35Equip H Shield
Ludmilleludmille-5-starFF BESupport, Magic Damage35Dualcast
Delitadelita-6FF TacticsSupport, Physical Damage56Moonblade
Gaffgariongaffgarion-5FF TacticsPhysical Damage45Bracer
Almaalma-5FF TacticsHealing, Magic Damage35Lordly Robe
Ramzaramza-6-starFF TacticsSupport56Brave Suit
Agriasagrias-5-starFF TacticsPhysical Damage, Support45Save the Queen
Mustadiomustadio-5-starFF TacticsPhysical Damage35Romandan Pistol
Rosarosa-5-starFF 4Healing, Support45Goddess Bow
Edgeedge-5-starFF 4Support35Hanzo Gauntlet
Dark Knight Cecildark_knight_cecil-6-starFF 4Physical Damage56Deathbringer
Black Cat Lidblack_cat_lid-5FF BEPhysical Damage, Support35Cat Hat
White Witch Finawhite_witch_fina-6FF BESupport46Blessed Bow
Dracu Lasswelldracu_lasswell-6FF BEPhysical Damage56Vampire Cloak
Demon Raindemon_rain-6FF BETank56Infernal Armlet
Lunethunit-luneth-6-starFF 3Physical Damage56Celestial Gloves
Arcunit-arc-5FF 3Magic Damage35Omni Rod
Ingusunit-ingus-5FF 3Healing, Magic Damage, Support35Letters and Arms
Refiaunit-refia-6FF 3Healing, Support46Mentality
Elzaunit-elza-6Brave FrontierPhysical Damage, Support56Demon Scythe
Tilithunit-tilith-5Brave FrontierSupport, Healer45Goddess's Protection
Karlunit-karl-5Brave FrontierPhysical Damage45Seal of Destruction
Seriaunit-seria-5Brave FrontierPhysical Damage45Seal of Protection
Maxwellunit-maxwell-5Brave FrontierPhysical Damage, Support55Power of Creation
Nicholunit-nichol-5FF BESupport35-
Gilgameshunit-gilgamesh-6FF 5Physical Damage56Genji Glove
Farisunit-faris-5FF 5Support35Syldra's Protection
Snowsnow-5FF 13Tank, Physical Damage46Champion's Belt
Vanillevanille-5FF 13Support, Healing35Magistral Crest
Sazhsazh-5FF 13Physical Damage, Support35Twenty-sided Die
Hopeunit-hope-5FF 13Healing, Magic Damage45Nue
Fangunit-fang-5FF 13Physical Damage35Equip Spear
NoctisFF 15Physical Damage, Magical Damage56Ring of the Lucii
MercedesFF 15Physical Damage46Viking Axe
Santa RoseliaFF BEHealer, Suport46Pure Heart
White Knight NoelFF BETank, Magic Damage56Ice Rosetta
ElleFF BEPhysical Damage35Arsha's Tailsman
LukaFF BESupport, Healing46Water God's Protection
Dark FinaFF BEMagic Damage56Dark Bond
TreyFF Type-0Physical Damage35Knowledge
JackFF Type-0Physical Damage35Ignorance
Seven FF Type-0Physical Damage, Support46Discernment
AceFF Type-0Magic Damage56Acceptance
Dangerous ArianaAriana GrandeMagic Damage, Support46Symphonic Flair
LingFF BESupport56Venomous Edge
YunFF BEChocobo Rider56Crimson Slayer
RandiSecret of ManaHoly Sword Hero56Mana Blade
PrimmSecret of ManaYoung Girl46Deep Thoughts
PopoiSecret of ManaSprite35Fairy Wisdom
Cupid Luna FFBECupid Archer35Soluna Ring
Cupid ArtemiosFFBECupid Archer46Soluna Band
MarieFFBEGreen Mage56Rainbow Robe
GuyFF2Tank Support35Hill Dagger
EmperorFF2Emperor56Mateus's Malice
LeonFF2Dark Knight45Dark Knight's Soul
MariaFF2White Mage35Esuna
SheraFFBECrown Prince35Successor
ShineFFBESpy46Quick Assault
QueenFFBEAgito Cadet56Wisdon
NineFFBEAgito Cadet46Action
EightFFBEAgito Cadet35Tranquility
CinqueFFBEAgito Cadet35Innocence
Y'shtolaFFXIVSeventh Dawn Scion56Shard of Genius
MinfiliaFFXIVSeventh Dawn Scion46Hydaelyn Guard
ThancredFFXIVSeventh Dawn Scion35Follower's Oath
OrlandeauFFTHoly Swordsman56Thunder God's Plan
SoleilFFBEDancer46Miracle Step
LawrenceFFBEWarrior35Monster Breastplate
FryeviaFFBESpellbalde56Fryevia's Needle
AidenFFBECleric35Vestment of Mind
Trance TerraFFVIMagic Warrior56Soul of Thamasa
SetzerFFVIGambler46Fixed Dice
GauFFVIWildling35Rage - Meteor
SozheFFBEEmperor46Emperor's Majesty
HeltichFFBEBlack Mage35Heretic Abyss
ZyrusFFBEBlack Mage36Draco Spike
RebertaFFBEDragoon56Crimson Blood
RemFF Type-0Agito Cadet56Love
KingFF Type-0Agito Cadet46Resolve
SiceFF Type-0Agito Cadet35Persistance
WilhelmFFBEGeneral56Imperial Shield
GraceFFBEMagitek Soldier46Magic Amplifier
AbelFFBEMercenary35Bowie Knife
JeanFFBEGunner35Machine Gun+
KelsusFFBEBlack Mage56Prodigy's Goggles
YdaFFXIVScion46Spirit of Freedom
PapalymoFFXIVScion46Sage's Prajna
FohlenFFBEChocobo Knight56Rider's Helm
IliasFFBESalve-Maker46Healer's Wisdom
AmeliaFFBEMaid46Apron Dress
CamilleFFBESwordsman35Aqua Blade
VargasBrave FrontierSwordsman56Dandelga
FinaFFBEWhite Magus26-
Seabreeze Dark FinaFFBEDark Spirit56Dark Fina's Swimsuit
Beach Time FinaFFBEWhite Magus56Fina's Swimsuit
Summer LidFFBEAirship Tech35Lid's Swimsuit
MoogleFFBEMoogle46Mog Wisdom
RikkuFFXGuardian46Rikku's Pouch
WakkaFFXGuardian35Horizon Breaker
ZargabaathFFXIIArchadian Judge56Judge Helm
AsheFFXIIPrincess46Ashe's Ring
RaslerFFXIIPrince46Patriotic Recall
PelenoFFXIIDancer35Equip S Sword
LuneraFFBEArcher56Elf's Bow
BranFFBEWarrior46Elven Pride
HelenaFFBEAdventurer46Mystical Skull
RugglesFFBEBlacksmith35Master's Hammer
Mercenary Ramza FFTSquire56Japa Mala
Knight DelitaFFTHoly Knight56Grand Armor
MeliadoulFFT Divine Knight46Chain Robe
OrranFFTAstrologist46Heaven's Guidance
Veritas of the DarkFFBEVeritas56Sworn Six's Pride - Dark
Veritas of the FlameFFBEVeritas56Sworn Six's Pride - Fire
Veritas of the EarthFFBEVeritas46Sworn Six's Pride - Earth
VictoriaFFBEBlack Mage46Dark Robe
TimothyFFBESprite35Trick Hat
2BNieR: AutomataYoRHa Troop56Virtuous Contract
A2NieR: AutomataEx-YoRHa Android56Beastlord
AdamNieR: AutomataMachine Lifeform46Vengeful Wrath
EveNieR: AutomataMachine Lifeform46Resentment
9sNieR: AutomataYoRHa Troop46Pod 153
21ONieR: AutomataYoRHa Troop35Mechanical Heart
Chic ArianaAriana GrandeSinger46Rhythmic Flair
Veritas of the LightFFBEVeritas56Sworn Six's Pride - Light
Veritas of the HeavensFFBEVeritas46 Sworn Six's Pride - Wind
Veritas of the WatersFFBEVeritas46Sworn Six's Pride - Water
CharlotteFFBEKnight36Equip H Shield
HayateFFBENinja36Black Cowl
Onion KnightFFIIIOnion Knight56Onion Sword
DeschFFIIISwordsman46Desch's Earring
AriaFFIIIWater Priestess46Aria's Ribbon
SaraFFIIIPrincess35Sara's Robe
PrisheFFXIMonk56Prishe's Hairpin
WereiFFXISwordsman46Proud Fencer
KupipiFFXIWhite Mage35Portal Charm
ShantottoFFXIProfessor35MAG +30%
AyakaFFBEWhite Mage56Pure White Blessing
GokenFFBEMonk46Training Clothes
YuriFFBENinja35High Spirits
NyxFFXVKingsglaive56Guard of the Future
FFXVKingsglaive46Thirst For Survival
GlaucaFFXVGeneral46Glauca's Greatsword
LibertusFFXVKingsglaive35Kingsglaive Uniform
Grim Lord SakuraFFBEGrim Lord 56Reaver
Pirate JakeFFBEPirate46Jake's Pirate Ring
Illusionist NicholFFBEIllusionist46Magical Top Hat
LorenFFBESwordsman56Awesome Swordsman
ChloeFFBEScholar46Proof of Talent
BarbaricciaFFIVElemental Archfiend56Barbariccia's Spirit
RubicanteFFIVElemental Archfiend46Cloak of Flames
CagnazzoFFIVElemental Archfiend46Drowned King
ScarmiglioneFFIVElemental Archfiend35Blighted Despot
Charming Kitty ArianaAriana GrandeSinger56Luxurious Feather Boa
GladiolusFFXVKing's Shield56Ziedrich
CorFFXVMarshal46Loyal Warrior
IrisFFXVPrince's Friend35Moogle Plushie
DukeFFBEDragoon56Dragoon's Pride
OlifFFBEGreen Mage46Robe of Forgiveness
MysteaFFBEBarrier Mage46Barrier Master
CharieFFBEDancer35Ice Headband
RyunanFFBEDragoon35Northern Lights
RoyFFBEBard56Minstrel's Prayer
AshterozeFFBEFlower Lady46Breath of Rose
SandeeFFBEDream Mage46Dream Maiden's Oracle
NyaluFFBECostume Girl46Cat Costume
KupoklanFFBEMog Friend46Crown Staff
GrinfieldFFBETailor46Tailor's Scissors
CloudFF7Soldier56Buster Style
ElfreedaFFBESwordsman56Marshal Glove
WilliamFFBEBlack Mage46Mage's Resolution
ConradFFBEMachinist35Revolving Saw
ChristineFFBESnow Child56Snowbear
KrylaFFBEWitch56Magic Sanctuary
Tinkerer CarrieFFBEMachinist46Tinkererbow
Ray JackKing's KnightWarrior56White Knight's Soul
KalivaKing's KnightWizard46Unmatched Wizardry
BarusaKing's KnightGigant46Cowered Courage
TobyKing's KnightThief35Turbulent Evasion
Pyro Glacial LasswellFFBEKnight56Azure Crimson Soul
JiraiyaFFBENinja56Clam Master's Headband
KaedeFFBEChocobo Rider46Samurai Princess's Armor
OtogiriFFBESalve-Maker35Doctor's Garment
BalthierFFXIISky Pirate56Arcturus
BaschFFXIICaptain56Zodiac Escutcheon
DraceFFXIIJudge Magister46Death Trap
VayneFFXIIConsul46Callous Strategist
LarsaFFXIIImperial Prince35Imperial Talent
Blossom Sage SakuraFFBESage56Sage of Mysidia
VerunFFBEBlacksmith46Craftsman Secret Book
CedonaFFBEGladiator46Uncollapsing Will
ChowFFBEDivine Beast56Lucky Ingot
AngFFBEHunter56Sun Breaker
YanFFBEMaiden46Lunar Parasol
AraneaFFXVCommodore56Stoss Spear
PromptoFFXVPrince's Buddy56 Mood Maker
BeatrixFFIXGeneral56Save the Queen
EikoFFIXEvoker56Angel Flute
SteinerFFIXKnight46Excalibur II
Black Waltz 3FFIXBlack Mage Warrior35Black Impulse
Lara CroftLara Croft and the Temple of OsirisTomb Raider56Croft's Intuition
Explorer AileenFFBETomb Raider56Tomb Raider
Divine SoleilFFBEGoddess46Ankh of Goddess
Pharaoh AbeFFBEGod35Power of the Sands
Lotus Mage FinaFFBEMage56Hairpin of Purity
KunshiraFFBESpellblade56Nature Loving Spellblade
WadowFFBENinja46Mystic Sash
LuluFFXGuardian56Onion Knight
SeymourFFXMaster46Yevon's Wisdom
Namless Gunner JackFFBERifleman56ABS Ring
Emperor SheraFFBEEmperor56Chosen One
OzettaFFBEKnight46Ozettas's rmor
RileyFFBEAdventurer35Pioneer's Glove


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