Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Port City Lodin Quest [Treasure Box/Chests Location]

Port City Lodin Town

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Port City Lodin is the third town you have access to. This city is vital to you acquiring Ifrit and unlocking Ordol Port. There are plenty of chests to open and also quests to do. You will probably miss some if you try to do it yourself.


Serving a vital role as the gateway to the mainland, this lively port town is a major center of trade. Countless vessels arrive from the ports of Lydira and Ordol, unloading rare and exotic goods from distant lands.

Treasure Location | Quest Guide | Shops

Quest Guide

FFBE Port City Lodin Quest Map

Location Quest Name Reward
1 A Knight’s Duty Recipe for Copper Cuirass
2 Danger on the Road  1000 Gil
3 His Whereabouts Hi-Potion & Ether
4 Fruit of Life Bomb Arm
5 Breaking the Slump Recipe for Great Sword
6 Preparing for Departure Twist Headband
7 Danger Erupts Silver Armlet
8 Living in Harmony Star Quartz
9 A Courier's Debut Tent

1 – A Knight’s Duty

Speak to the knight in the room north of the armor shop. This will activate the quest. You will then head over to Fulan Pass Exploration and fight 5 Coeurls.

2 – Danger on the Road

FFBE Q2 Port City Lodin FFBE Q2 Port City Lodin Fulan Pass Exploration

Head to Fulan Pass Exploration. Go to the all the way close to the boss area to find Hell’s Rider. You can also steal an elixir from it if you have units such as Paul, Locke or Zidane.

3 – His Whereabouts

You need to speak to 3 people.

FFBE Q3 Port City Lodin Map

FFBE Q3 Port City Lodin FFBE Q3- Port City Lodin
FFBE Q3-- Port City Lodin FFBE Q3--- Port City Lodin
  • Step 1 – The woman below the item shop.
  • Step 2 – The little girl outside the material shop.
  • Step 3 – Speak the the guy just outside the northwest room.
  • Step 4 – Go back to the woman to get your Hi-Potion and Ether.

4 – Fruit of Life

FFBE Q4 Port City Lodin

Speak to the Young Boy. Then proceed to go to Fulan Pass Exploration.

FFBE Q4 Port City Lodin Fulan Pass Exploration Map

Find the fruit and bring it back to the Young Boy for a Bomb Arm, which deals 300 fire damage to an enemy in battle.

5 – Breaking the Slump

FFBE T11 Royal Capital Grandshelt

This quest can be done upon completing quest 4. You just need to show the guy the Kotetsu, which you get from Royal Capital Grandshelt above. You get a recipe for Great Sword(ATK+27) for your efforts.

6 – Preparing for Departure

FFBE Q6 Port City Lodin FFBE Q6 Port City Lodin Fulan Pass Exploration

Speak to the Crewman on the top left side of the corner at the harbor. Then head to Fulan Pass Exploration to find the sailor. After that, head back and speak with the Crewman. Then you need to deliver 3 circuits by killing mechanical enemies like Magitek Armor in Fulan Pass Exploration

7 – Danger Erupts

FFBE Q7 Port City Lodin

Go to Inferno Hollow to fight 5 bombs after reading the book from the top left room in Port City Lodin. You get a Silver Armlet(Accessory) for your efforts. It gives DEF+3, MP+15.

8 – Living in Harmony

You have to clear all prior quests(excluding quest 9) before you can do this. Then you need to deliver 24 magicite shards which can be found in all exploration maps.

9 – A Courier’s Debut

The requirement is that you have access to Port City Lydira for this one. Pick up the package from Lydir. Then, talk to the innkeeper in Port City Lydira and answer “Hope”. Finally, deliver the package to the client to get a Tent for your efforts.

Unlocking Ordol Port

Go look for the street seller located on the left side item shop. Check out the location here:

Get Ifrit Step 1

Ifrit Step 2

The sailor will offer to take you to Port Ordol free of charge.

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