Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Royal Capital Grandshelt Quest [Treasure Box/Chests Location]

Royal Capital Grandshelt

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Royal Capital Granshelt is the second town you have access to. It is a lot bigger than Town of Mitra and there is plenty to do in this city. If you don’t have access to a guide, it can take a while to finish all the quests and also get all the goodies here.


The capital of Grandshelt, this burgeoning metropolis is a testament to power and technological prowess of this mighty kingdom. With a widening gap between the rich and the poor, some parts of town have fallen into disrepair, but a well-trained guard sees to it that the streets remain safe.

Treasure Location | Quest Guide | Shops


Below are the items you can get from the shops in Royal Capital Grandshelt.

Weapon Shop

Name Type Description Price(Gil)
Bronze Knife Short Sword ATK+10 100
Broadsword Sword ATK+15 200
Great Sword Long Sword ATK+27 1,500
Battle Axe Axe ATK+28 1,800
Bronze Mace Mace ATK+14 180
Javelin Spear ATK+22 640
Bronze Knuckles Fist ATK+16 200
Rod Rod ATK+8, MAG+10 140
Staff Staff ATK+5, MAG+2, SPR+14 160
Short Bow Bow ATK+18 260
Recipe for Broadsword 60
Recipe for Battle Axe 540
Recipe for Bronze Mace 54
Recipe for Rod 42
Recipe for Staff 48
Recipe for Short Bow 78

Armor Shop

Name Type Description Price(Gil)
Leather Shield Shield DEF+10 240
Bronze Shield Heavy Shield DEF+16 300
Bronze Helm Helm DEF+7 240
Leather Plate Light Armor DEF+12 240
Copper Cuirass Light Armor DEF+14 240
Bronze Armor Heavy Armor DEF+16 300
Cotton Robe Robe DEF+6, MAG+3, SPR+3 200
Recipe for Leather Shield 72
Recipe for Bronze Armor 90
Recipe for Cotton Robe 60

Ability Shop

Name Effect Price(Gil)
Alcryst Material 200
Recipe for Blindna 300
Recipe for Thunder 300

Gun Shop

Name Type Description Price(Gil)
Altair Gun ATK+20 480
Recipe for Altair 144

Material Shop

Name Effect Price(Gil)
Beast Meat Material 200
Pearl of Wisdom Material 200
Allure Powder Material 200
Esper Cryst Material 500

General Shop

Name Effect Price(Gil)
Shuriken Deals damage to one enemy. 500
Bacchus’s Wine Inflicts berserk status on the user 500

Accessory Shop

Name Type Description Price(Gil)
Iron Gloves Accessory DEF+5 200
Recipe for Iron Gloves 60
Recipe for Fire Ring 60
Recipe for Water Ring 60
Recipe for Earth Ring 60
Recipe for Protect Ring 120
Recipe for Barrier Ring 120

Item Shop

Name Effect Price(Gil)
Potion Restores a small amount of HP to one ally. 100
Antidote Cures one ally of poisoning. 100
Eye Drops Cures one ally of being blinded. 100
Smelling Salts Cures one ally of sleep or confusion. 200
Echo Herbs Cures one ally of silencing. 200
Gold Needle Cures one ally of petrification. 500
Recipe for Potion 30
Recipe for Eye Drops 30

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