Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Village of Kol [Treasure Box/Chests Location]

Village of Kol

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Village of Kol is the second city in Lanzelt. The village is huge and you will have plenty of treasures to find and quests to do here. Check below to see what goodies you can get here!

Treasure Locations | Quests and Shops

Quest Guide

FFBE Village of Kol Quest Map

Location Quest Name Reward
1 Nuts Without My Daughter Recipe for Healing Spring
2 Hammer Time Mythril Dagger and access to weapon and armor shop
3 Don't Stop! (Hammer Time) Recipe for Great Axe
4 Constant Devotion  Recipe for Water Blade
5 Catastrophi-Kol  Recipe for Black Belt Gi
6 Sand Hassle  Recipe for Drain

1- Nuts Without My Daughter

FFBE Q1 Village of Kol

Speak to the women near the Inn in Village of Kol to activate the quest. Then head over to Port City Lydira and talk to the person located here:

FFBE Q1- Village of Kol

You will get a recipe for Healing Springs, which you can cast regen on all allies.

2 – Hammer Time, 3 – Don’t Stop! (Hammer Time)

FFBE Q2 Village of Kol

Speak to the guy in the inn. He will want you to find his hammer. You can find the hammer in Phantom Forest Exploration.

FFBE Q2- Village of Kol

Go back and speak with him. You will get a Mythril Dagger(ATK+20) and access to weapon and armor shop.

Now that you have cleared Hammer Time quest, you can carry on Don’t Stop! (Hammer Time). Go to Phantom Forest Exploration or Zadehl Westersand Exploration where you can obtain them from collection points.

4- Constant Devotion

FFBE Q4- Village of Kol

Speak to the old man located at the first room on the left side of the village. Now, go to the Latius Woods Spring in Latius Woods Exploration.

FFBE Q4 Village of Kol

Opt to throw the white flower and come back and talk to the old man. You will get the recipe for water blade.

5 – Catastrophi-Kol

FFBE Q5 Village of Kol

Speak to the guy upstairs above the old man. He will ask you to defeat 8 fiends, which you can find in in Lanzelt Estuary or Lanzelt Lowlands.

6 – Sand Hassle

For this quest to be available talk to the street seller in Grandport above material shop. He will ask you to defeat 10 ancient evils, which can be found Zadehl Southersands – Ruins. You can also find them in Zadehl Westersand Exploration, but they are quite rare.



Name Type Description Price(Gil)
Dagger Dagger ATK+16 200
Long Sword Sword ATK+20 400
Great Axe Axe ATK+32 1,800
Iron Hammer Hammer ATK+24 680
Metal Knuckles Fist ATK+20 400
Iron Rod Rod ATK+10, MAG+18 280
Cherry Staff Staff ATK+8, MAG+3, SPR+20 320
Long Bow Bow ATK+24, Bird Killer 520
Recipe for Dagger 60
Recipe for Long Sword 120
Recipe for Iron Hammer 204
Recipe for Metal Knuckles 120
Recipe for Iron Rod 84
Recipe for Cherry Staff 96
Recipe for Long Bow 156


Name Type Description Price(Gil)
Buckler Light Shield DEF+16 480
Iron Shield Heavy Shied DEF+18 600
Iron Helm Helm DEF+10 480
Bard’s Tunic Clothes DEF+10, SPR+5 400
Iron Plate Light Armor DEF+22 480
Iron Armor Heavy Armor DEF+24 600
Recipe for Buckler 144
Recipe for Iron Shield 180
Recipe for Iron Helm 144
Recipe for Iron Plate 144
Recipe for Iron Armor 180


Name Effect Price(Gil)
Potion Restores a small amount of HP to one ally. 100
Hi-Potion Restores a moderate amount of HP to one ally. 500
Antidote Cures one ally of poisoning. 100
Eye Drops Cures one ally of being blinded. 100
Smelling Salts Cures one ally of sleep or confusion. 200
Echo Herbs Cures one ally of silencing. 200
Unicorn Horn Cures one ally of paralysis. 500
Gold Needle Cures one ally of petrification. 500
Bomb Fragment Deals a small amount of fire damage to one enemy. 100
Antartic Wind Deals a small amount of ice damage to one enemy. 100
Zeus’s Wrath Deals a small amount of lightning damage to one enemy. 100
Fish Scale Deals a small amount of water damage to one enemy. 100
Giant Feather Deals a small amount of wind damage to one enemy. 100
Earth Drum Deals a small amount of earth damage to one enemy. 100
Recipe for Potion 30
Recipe for Ether 150
Recipe for Unicorn Horn 150