Fryevia Review [Final Fantasy Brave Exvius]


Max Rarity Skills Future Proof Stats Equipment Trust Master Overall
6 S A S C S
Rarity Job Origin Gender Family
5★ – 6★ Spellblade FFBE Female Human

Trust Master Rewards – Fryevia’s Needle: Weapon(Sword) –  ATK+92, MAG+112

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5★ 6★

General Thoughts

Fryevia is a 6 star character with great stats for her role which is Hybrid Damage. This is an interesting role that doesn’t really give much in ways of an explanation on how to effectively play the role.

Fryevia is highly effective with the skill set she has and can basically be used all around in most situations. She can be versatile with her usability and depending on how shes built can be a real threat.

Most of her skills all have double effects dealing Hybrid damage along with having a secondary effect. With her Hybrid damage actually hitting pretty hard its nice to have those extra effects piled onto it.

Like adding the ice element to the attack or having a chance to inflict paralyze or decrease ice resistance. Anything that makes ti easier for Fryevia to deal more damage is a good thing.

And her self buff skills are pretty great for the type of character she is. Flash step giving her the chance to evade magic or physical damage all together.

Or the skill I will Not Lose which ignores fatal blows if she’s below 20% health. Those kinds of skills are things that can keep her going and dishing out hits with out having to worry to much in a tight spot.

All around she is a great character to use though her equipment leaves a little to be desired. Her damage out put and effectiveness totally makes up for it.

Verdict – A generally good character.


Rarity HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Attack Hits Drop Check Exp. Growth Pattern
5★ 2885 150 112 92 112 92 3 4 6
6★ 3750 195 145 120 145 120 3 4 6

Maximum Stats Increase

5★ 240 40 24 16 16 16
6★ 390 65 34 26 26 26


Fryevia is neutral to all elements and status ailments.

Learned Abilities

Min rarity Level Icon Name Effect Hits MP
5★ 30 Osmose Blade Hybrid damage (1.4x) to one enemy
Hybrid damage (0.3x) with MP drain (30%) to one enemy
5★ 50 Sabre Flunge Hybrid damage (2x) to one enemy
Remove all status effects from one enemy
1 18
5★ 57 Ice Block Ice Block Reduce all damage taken (75%) for 1 turn to caster 1 20
5★ 64 Ice Age Decrease ATK (50%) for 3 turns to all enemies
Increase ice resistance (70%) for 3 turns to all allies
1 45
5★ 80 Frost Saber Hybrid ice damage (2.5x) to one enemy
Adds ice element to physical attacks for 5 turns to caster
3 28
6★ 84 Second Intention Hybrid damage (6x) to one enemy 1 45
6★ 95 Frost Flash Hybrid ice damage (4x) to all enemies
Inflict paralyze (30%) on all enemies
1 35
6★ 100 Frost Flower Blitz Hybrid ice damage (8x) to one enemy
Decrease ice resistance (50%) for 3 turns to one enemy
7 55
Min rarity Level Icon Name Effect
5★ 1 Pride of Fryevia Increase ATK/MAG (30%) when equipped with a sword
5★ 7 MAG +30% Increase MAG (30%)
5★ 20 Cold and Confident Increase MP (30%)
Increase ice resistance (20%)
5★ 22 Flash Step Chance to evade physical damage taken (20%)
Chance to evade magic damage taken (20%)
6★ 3 Duelist pose Boosts equipment ATK (100%) and MAG (50%) when single wielding
6★ 34 Royal Blood Increase resistance to blind, paralyze and confuse (100%)
6★ 48 Icy Aura Recover MP (7%) per turn
6★ 66 I shall not lose! Chance to ignore fatal damage (100%) when HP is above 20% (max 1 time)

Limit Burst

Rarity Name Effect Hits Cost
5★ Ice Prison Base: Hybrid ice damage (3x) to all enemies
Inflict stop (50%) for 3 turns on all enemies
Max: Hybrid ice damage (4.9x) to all enemies
Inflict stop (69%) for 3 turns on all enemies
4 16
6★ Ice Prison Base: Hybrid ice damage (4x) to all enemies
Inflict stop (60%) for 3 turns on all enemies
Max: Hybrid ice damage (6.4x) to all enemies
Inflict stop (84%) for 3 turns on all enemies
4 18


Fryevia can equip 1 weapon and 7 armors.

Weapons Armors
Rarity Ability Slots Affinity
5★ 4 Black Magic Lv7, Green Magic Lv6
6★ 4 Black Magic Lv8, Green Magic Lv7


Rarity Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4 Material 5
6★ Divine Crystal (5) Fairies’ Writ (5) Rainbow Bloom (10) Prismatic Horn (20) Calamity Writ (10)


An elven warrioress who claims to be the daughter of a merchant from a distant land. Fryevia is on a journey to find equipment suitable for her abilities, as she is much more skilled with the sword than the average soldier. She usually disguises herself as a human and enjoys interacting with others. Always exuding an air of purity and elegance, it may be surprising to learn that she believes money to be no object in order to obtain what she desires.