Part 1 – Brainstorming Good Video Game Keywords and Keyword Research

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This video will go through some of the basic keyword research ideas and where to find good video game keywords that can become very profitable.

Finding Profitable Video Game Keywords

Going micro niche is the way to go. For example:

Games -> Moba Games -> League of Legends -> Teemo Build

Dog -> Dog Breeds -> Pit Bull Training Tips

To find these good video game keywords, go to big gaming authority sites. Good examples are GameFaqs and EuroGamer.

Here is are some good places to go thanks to this awesome list.

Input Keywords to Google Keyword Planner

Put the keywords in to find out how many searches the keyword is getting. Video game slang terms are great keywords as most people won’t know unless they actually play the game. “Lucian Stole My Bike” is a good one.

Asking the Audience via Google Search

Type in Google search using the best XXX method. You will get a good idea of what games are popular based on what people write about. You can then use those keywords in Google Keyword Planner to find potential keywords. The example here used is “Best Facebook Games”.

Keyword Research with Long Tail Pro

Once you get some potential gems you want, use Long Tail Pro to check competition. A general guideline is explained in the video. Here is the written version:

  1. Title of the Page – If it doesn’t contain all the keywords, they aren’t targeting it.(There are always exceptions)
  2. URL – If the url doesn’t contain the keywords, they aren’t focusing on their on page optimization.

Signs of Low Competition

  • Forum Posts – If you see a few forum posts ranking, it is a good sign low competition. Rarely does anyone back links forum posts.
  • YouTube videos – Seeing YouTube videos ranking is also a sign of low competition. You can outrank them easily with an exact domain match and decent links.
  • Low Page Rank(0-2) – If the site does not have the exact keywords/missing keywords and a low page rank, it is also a good sign.
  • Page Authority(0-30) – A low competition keyword consists of sites with page authority of 0-30. An exception is when you come up against Amazon/Ebay or any authority selling sites. They usually have a page authority of 0-1, but Google tends to favor them.
  • Page Link Juice – The number of inbound links from the site itself. This metric tells you how strong the linking structure is for the site.
  • Juice Page Links –  This accounts for the number of links pointing to the site. A high number means a lot of external sites are linking to the page. Ideally you will want it below 10.
  • Domain Authority(0-50) – This is the metric tells you how much Google trusts the site. Most authoritative sites like YouTube, Reddit, Amazon, Ebay have 100. This combines well with page authority.
  • MozRank(0-3) – Anywhere lower than 3 is good.
  • Site Age – This tells you how old the site is. Older sites have more advantage, but it is not the most reliable metric to look at. I have outranked 5 year+ sites.