HubPages is an ad revenue sharing website that allows their users to write about their favorite subjects and make money at the same time. It is a great place for writers to express themselves. The article that you post on there is called a hub.

Why Write for HubPages?

There are a few reasons why you should write for them:

  1. They share Google adsense revenue with you. 60% of your ads show up there and 40% of theirs are shown on the hubs that you write.
  2. They have a nice community. The people that will post and comment on your hubs if they like it. It is like a small social networking group.
  3. You can learn a great deal of information of a particular niche. There are a lot of talented writers that have a lot of useful information that could help with your writing, blogging and online marketing skills.
  4. You can get a valuable back link to your website. Once you have written a few articles and gotten your Hub score higher than 75 and above, your links become do follow. If you own a blog and need some traffic and back links, HubPages is the a good place to get them.

HubPages Has a Nice Layout

HubPages Explore

As you can see, their website is pretty easy to look at. The design is smooth and simple to navigate. Plus, they have a bunch of topics that you can write on. If you are an expert in business of an industry, look at the wide range of topics you can dive into. Isn’t that awesome?

I personally write for HubPages and I enjoy it. Not only do I get to get some extra income, I get to mingle with other writers as well. I decided to keep a record of my earnings since I started writing on it seriously in April 2013.

My HubPages Earnings

Month & YearArticles WrittenEarnings
April 201338$3.75
May 201367{29 added)$8.70
June 201386(19 added)$19.85
July 201395(9 added)$41.22
August 201398(3 added)$41.84
September 201399(2 added, deleted 1)$56.70
October 2013101(2 added)$75.93
November 2013106(4 added)$115.67
December 2013108(2 added)$172.61
January 2014113(3 deleted, 8 added)$174.01

Payment Proof

Hubpages Payment Proof

If you would like to join HubPages and start earning, here is my picture referral link:

HubPages Logo

If you didn’t like my review, here is the non-referral link.