Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Keyblade Material List [KHUX]

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This table gives you the information on which material is needed to upgrade your keyblades. We will be updating the values as we get more. Special thanks to KHUX for this. Have questions? Ask on the forums!

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This table is updated up to the following keyblades using the acronyms:

  • Starlight (S)
  • Treasure Trove (TT)
  • Lady Luck (LL)
  • Three Wishes (TW)
  • Olympia (O)
  • Divine Rose (DR)
  • Moogle of Glory (MoG)
Mythril ShardXXXXXXX
Mythril Stone50XXXXXXX
Mythril Gem100XXXXXXX
Mythril Crystal150XXXXXXX
Curative Leaf10XXX
Curative Flower10XX
Copper Ore10XXXX
Iron Ore10XXXXX
Spring Water10XX
Forest Mushrooms10XX
Curative Bulb10XXX
Silver Ore10XXXX
Gold Ore10XXXXXX
Swamp Water10XX
Scorching Sand10XX
Burnt Coal10X
Starry Sand10X
Strange Leaf10XX
White Flower Dew10X
Strange Bulb10X
White Flower Nectar10X
Broken Biscuit10XXX
Topaz Earring10X
Agate Ring10XX
Scarab Brooch10X
Underworld Flame-X
Underworld Stone-X
Underworld Water-X
Big Pearl-X
Ice Crystal-X
Melted Candle-X
Kupo Drops-X
Kupo Flower-X
Kupo Leaf-X
Kupo Seed-X