King’s Raid Tier List

The list below is a full tier list of all available characters in the game. It goes through rankings for each character’s usefulness in different game modes such as PvP.

  • S – Best possible character
  • A – Above average
  • B – Middle of the road character
  • C – Below Average
  • D – Lowest possible character
PicturesNameATK TypePvPRaidFortress WBProtianus WBUW RelianceT5 DarkNotes
AselicaMagicAASBHighBTank with support skill heal,atk up, skill cd reduce for team
ClausePhys.BSSBLowAOverall not bad, decent tank. If you max his skill 2 he can slow aspd dragon in raid, and provide p.def debuff.
DemiaPhys.SBABMediumBTanks P.DMG, defensive oriented. Only tank with Pull. Especially good in PVP.
JaneMagicASABLowAIf Phillop is for a Phys. attack team, Jane is for a Magic attack team. One of the OP characters in the Arena after the buff. Great against mass enemies as her 3rd skill regens hp and gains MP on a per enemy basis.
MorrahMagicBSSSLowBTanks magic damage. Can also sacrifice tanking ability for DPS build (great for Fortress WB).
PhillopPhys.BAASHighATHE best tank for Phys. Damage team. Has incredible P.DEF shred.
RicardoPhys.SABSLowAGood at absorbing magic damage.
SoniaMagicAAABMediumADPS tank with mini-stuns and a self buff for very high p.def/m.def
GauPhys.ASSSLowAA decent tank and damage dealer. Ridiculous CC with 3rd skill(Takes down all of Black dragon's CC bar).
KaselPhys.ASAAMediumAWill shine the brightest after getting his 3rd skill. Easy to raise because you get his unique weapon for free. And potentially one of the strongest hero in game.
NailaPhys.SABAMediumAVery pretty for a Harpy. She can hit the backlines with her 1st skill, and her 2nd skill is a powerful party buff
PriscillaPhys.ASASHighAVery useful in any mode, one of the best DPS amp (works for any damage type).
ScarletPhys.SABBLowBAmazing PVP utility while also being a frontliner. Utility also good in PVE, but low DPS and tankiness.
TheoMagicBSSAHighBVery good single dmg and CC. Relies heavily on ATK Spd.
ViskaMagicSASBMediumAHer B allows her to break formation in PvP while providing decent CC. AoE damage also great for applying debuffs.
EpisMagicSSSAHighAGood for killing backlines in Arena, and Lifesteal is good. One of highest single target DPS.
EzekielPhysAASAVery HighSRelies heavily on her TC5 and unique weapon
FlussPhysSBBSVery HighAVery good in arena, Anti-Mage hero
GladiPhysASSSHighBBest damage dealer, Most of his skill ingore DEF
MirianneMagicSSSBVery HighAMain Dps with one of the highest single target burst damage in the game but lacks of CC and AoE damage.Highly relies on her UW due to extra damage on "Locked on Target" enemies.
ReinaPhysBAAAVery HighBRelies heavily on her ultimate weapon. Strong against single target. However, she lacks the ability to hit the backline like other assassins making her not as optimal for pvp. Her lack of AoE is also one of her greatest downfalls.
RoiPhysASASHighAIs on fire after the buff patch. Really good right now, especially for Raid.
TanyaPhysSABAMediumAShes strong but needs manual use for best results, attacks from behind killing off the weakest enemy. Provides lots of CC to backline enemies in PVP.
ArchMagicSSBAHighAExtremely strong in all modes, especially OP in PvP. His passive prevents him from being one shot and summons a team-wide shield.
DimaelMagicAAABMediumAHas CC but not much of damage.
LunaMagicASAAHighACute and melts rear targets with ease. Deals consistant damage for all PvE and PvP.
RequinaPhys.ABAAHighAGood damage pve with long term battle, good pvp with mana reduce skill
SelenePhys.ASASVery HighBRelies on the unique weapon, but still good without one. Good everywhere. PVP with Maria 3rd skill is god-like.
ShamillaMagicSBDDAACC Archer good in pvp
YannePhys.BSBBHighBDragon DPS specialist. Lackluster DPS everywhere else.
AnnetteMagicBSSSVery HighSOvercharge is good for Raid, and she can heal
CrowPhys.BSBSHighSHas very high Burst, but requires timing
LakrakPhys.SAAAHighAAll of his skills have CC
MiruruPhys.AABAHighAStrong AoE damage without any controls. Unlike Selene, she doesn't rely on her unique weapon.
MitraPhys.BASSVery HighBGood DPS, no CC. Needs time to start stacking damage.
OddyMagicASSAHighAGood in raid and story, got hard CC (Petrify), 50% reduced cooldown times for allies is the best in raid. Time Fragments can use usually if lucky, need Unique Weapon for mana regen.
RodinaPhys.ABSAHighBHigh damage dealer when it comes to 1v1.
AishaMagicASSAHighAGlasscannon with her skill 2, she doesn't have any cc.
ArtemiaMagicSSAAHighBHigh AoE damage and CC that can be considered good for a Main DPS and newbie friendly.She has high mana costs for her skills,that's her downfall for PvP,also isn't best choice for end game content due to lack of high damage againist single target enemies.
CleoMagicBABBVery HighARelies on her UW for flame stack explosions. She deals massive AoE damage and excels in raids such as BD. Weaker in single target scenarios.
LewisiaMagicBASAVery HighADPS heavily relies on Blood Stacks, which require time to build up. Excels in long fights (i.e. WB raids), not so good in short fights.
LorraineMagicBSSAVery HighAPoison dot can do tons of dps though due to her nerf she doesn't due as much but still good, Great in raids due to her CC and can root small dragons. Unique Weapon needed if you want to see good results.
MariaMagicSAAAMediumA Has the most CC and debuff skills in the game. While she doesn't deal as much damage as a pure dealer, she provides lots of debuffs that benefits magic teams.
NyxPhys.SSAAVery HighSGreat nuker and can hit multiple targets depending on the blade stacks(Auto attacks are his main damage).Low damage at early game but, Very good at t4-t5 and UW equipment.
OpheliaMagicASSAHighBHero requires manual control for best combo
PavelMagicSAAAVery HighBAmazing nuker, good cc, better suited to use him manually than auto for better results. Unique Weapon is suggested for better damage but without it's fine.
VeronicaMagicBASSHighAVery good in WB
BaudouinMagicSSSAMediumAInvincibility with 0 mana cost makes him stay in the Arena and Raid top tier, even with low healing and damage.
CassandraMagicSBBBLowBEspecially designed for a PVP,has a silence skill that requires zero mana and also boosting 70% Critical Hit Chance for all allies.
FreyMagicASSSLowAGreat at healing single targets. Her UW helps team-wide heal problems to an extend, but building lifesteal on DPS characters is a must. She excels in protecting DPS from getting CCed during skill casting in raids and world boss.
KaulahvASSAMediumAOne of the best full-team healers, making him great for all game types. Has CC through skill and passive, while his 3rd skill is a great ATK speed and strength buff in longer fights for DPS teams.
LaiasMagicSSASMediumSCan be used almost everywhere, 3rd skill provides 2 orb mana to all allies. Provides M.def buff and M.crit resistance for team. A must for low M.def team when going against high M.atk bosses.Requires high investment,her T5 is a MUST.
LeoMagicSBBBMediumBGood for counter Baudoin in arena, and also Arch's ult/death team-wide shield. Also decent for physical teams to reduce p.def of closest enemy.
MayMagicAAABVery HighAGood choice for a long battles such as WB/Gr.Decent on other contents,there are better choices than her.
MedianaPhys.SSAAMediumAHealer with Phys attack, buffs party ATK and P.Crit Resist
RephyMagicSSBSHighBBig heal over time with great utility (increases M.DEF, dispels harmful effects, can silence, amps any DMG type).