KOF All Star Tier List – Live PvP (Global)
Christian Alonso

Jin (Hoodie)
Geese XIV
Omega Rugal
Orochi Shermie
O. Zero
Paul Phoenix
Jin (Classic)
Heihachi Mishima
Orochi Yashiro
Orochi Chris
Ling (Schoolgirl)
Armor King
Orochi Iori
Ryo 96
Halloween Kula
This is a summary of the tier list for all global fighters for KOF All star. If you don't see your fighter, that means he/she is not very strong in the Live PvP meta currently, and therefore not listed. That doesn't mean he/she isn't good in PvE or PvAI (Arena and League Match). PvP mostly requires a few key things, that includes:
  • Ability to combo skills and normal attacks
  • Super Armor and Immunity availability
  • Cancel Guard
  • Crowd Control (Stun, Freeze, Petrify etc.)
  • Healing or Regen
  • Durability

Here is a short list of why they are in these tiers:

S Tier

Omega Rugal 98 (Red, Attack)

  • S1 skill reset
  • S2 attack up and enemy attack down
  • S3 gives super armor + damage immunity and stun
  • Core gives super armor + 20% hp back when under 30% hp
  • Can play range and melee, very versatile

Geese XIV (Red, Attack)

  • Range attack on S1 (gives super armor if hits)
  • Full AoE attack when using his own special battle card
  • S2 gives stun and damage immunity
  • S3 has good range
  • 1st Special has long range
  • Provides shock damage
  • Stun striker support

Original Zero 01 (Blue, Attack)

  • Reflects stun
  • S1 and S3 are ranged and has piercing
  • S2 cannot be guarded
  • S3 provides damage immunity and super armor
  • S3 resets S2 if it lands

Jin Kazama (Blue, Defense)

  • High durability
  • Gains bonus attack and damage reduction below 50% hp
  • S1 damage scales with defense
  • S2 gives super armor and damage immunity
  • S3 provides conditional stun
  • Core decreases enemy ATK and Power when using any skill

Orochi Shermie (Green, Attack)

  • Immune to stun
  • Bonus shock damage S1 and S2
  • S1 can stun enemy + increase their skill cooldown
  • S2 can also stun enemy + cast on enemy instantly
  • S3 prevents enemy from rolling
  • Good ranged attacks

A Tier

Ling Xiaoyu (Yellow, Attack)

  • Easy to combo
  • Skills gives small health sustain when landed
  • S1 gives super armor
  • S2 can stun
  • S3 disable enemy roll
  • Gains bonus attack and damage reduction below 50% hp

Paul Phoenix

  • Easy to combo
  • S1 can counter with super armor as long as he is standing
  • S2 give crit rate bonus
  • S3 negates Guard
  • Gains bonus attack and damage reduction below 50% hp

Jin (classic)

  • Easy to combo (can be infinite with 1 maxima/kula cooldown card)
  • S1 gives super armor
  • S2 stuns for 100%
  • All skills knock enemy into the air for more combo time


  • Easy to combo and fast skills
  • S1 skill resets when hit
  • S2 can hit on the ground and can stun
  • S3 gives damage immunity and bonus attack damage
  • Gains bonus attack and damage reduction below 50% hp
  • Becomes S tier with super armor via cards(KOF x Tekken, Noah Set)

 B Tier

Orochi Yashiro 97 (Blue, Defense)

  • All grab skills
  • Health regen when below 70% hp
  • Regain health when using active skills
  • Can combo his grabs if you have enough cooldown
  • S1 scales with defense
  • S2 deals good AoE damage (good for PvE actually more than PvP)
  • Super armor grab with dash S3

Ling Xiaoyu Schoolgirl (Purple, Defense)

  • Easy to combo skills
  • Super armor on S1
  • Gains bonus attack and damage reduction below 50% hp

Orochi Chris 97 (Yellow, Balanced)

  • Strong burn damage
  • S1 provides burn damage
  • S2 also gives burn damage + ignore guard
  • S3 disables roll

Goetniz 96 (Green, Attack)

  • Can do infinite combo
  • Ranged attack on S1
  • S2 can grab
  • Access to 3 PG special card

Heihachi (Purple, Attack)

  • Easy combos
  • Shock damage on all skills
  • Gains bonus attack and damage reduction below 50% hp

Sentai Ranger Clark

  • S1 has damage immunity and super armor
  • S2 is a low cooldown grab
  • S3 is a fast ranged attack (but with small delay for a nice pose :]  )

C Tier

Armor King

  • Super armor for grab
  • Gains bonus attack and damage reduction below 50% hp

Orochi Iori 97

  • Good damage
  • Can hit on the ground
  • No super armor :X

Halloween Kula (Purple, Attack)

  • Can freeze enemies when attacked

Ryo 96 (Purple, Attack)

  • Super armor on S3