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Title: Learn Photo Editing

Price: $25

Rating: [usr 4.5] -> Check it out here

Learn Photo Editing is a video course that will teach you how to alter and create professional looking pictures using Photoshop. Most up to date Photoshop CSS5 or higher is recommended.

Learn Photo Editing Review Manipulation

Learn Photo Editing Course is Good For…

  1. Creating photos using retouching and photo manipulation
  2. Not wanting spend $1000+ for professional quality photos
  3. Low budget Photoshop tutorial
  4. Aspiring artist that wants to improve their Photoshop skills
  5. 30 Videos and the tutorials are constantly updated

What You Will Get From the Video Course

A series of video course that will teach you a combination of retouching, photo manipulation, color grading and more. Some important things you will learn are:

  • Make Facial Features Popout with Retouching
  • Turn a Guy/Girl into a Surreal Character
  • Advanced retouching techniques
  • Portraits with a “Video Game Look”
  • Turn photos into flashy poster ads
  • Impactful Portraits
  • Adds enchanted atmosphere to your photos
  • Turn photos into high quality magazine ads
  • Turn daytime scene to nighttime scene or vice versa
  • Create Fantasy Environments and Characters
  • Enhance color details of your photos
  • Creating lightbox for object photography

Check out some before and after effects:

Photo Editing 2

Original Photo

Photo Editing 1b

After Adding Depth and Character to Face

Photo Editing 1a

Things I Like About Learn Photo Editing

The videos are anywhere from 30-90 minutes long and they teach you a certain aspect of photo editing. They are broken down into a specific tutorial. For example, if you want to learn photo manipulation and color grading, it has a video just for that.

Photo Editing 4

That way, you don’t have to dig through hours and hours of videos just to learn what you want. Patrick(the author) also continuously adds new video tutorials, so you will have access to any new content he adds after paying a 1 time fee.

You also have lifetime access to the videos and can come back to re-take the course if you need to. The videos are also structured in a step by step guideline, making it easy to follow and learn.

If for whatever reasons you don’t like the tutorials, you also have a 60 day money back guarantee.

What I Didn’t Like

This course requires you to have Photoshop CS5. So if you do have an older version, you might not get the same effects you are looking for.

Photoshop itself is also a very costly program and it is a prerequisite to learning photo editing. If you have other editing programs such as GIMP or just plain old paint.net, then this won’t be of much use to you.

Some of the editing also takes quite a bit of time to learn, making it quite a frustrating experience if you are newbie.

Learn Photo Editing Review Conclusion

Overall, this video course is awesome for people that are serious about improving their photo editing skills. The fee is also extremely affordable for everyone considering that it is the cost of a good meal for 2. I do get a commission if you do choose to sign up using my link. If you are not comfortable with that, just go directly to the page.

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