How to Look Younger Under $3/Day [Simple DIY Method Used at Home]

How to Look Younger Under $3/Day [Simple DIY Method Used at Home]

What is DIY ( Do-it-yourself ) Skin Care?

DIY skin care is in vogue, largely based on the easy availability it provides its user’s. You don’t have to visit a dermatologist every now and then to take care of minor ailments, as you could do them on your own, right at your home! It could also be a fulfilling experience, as you wade through the many products available to re-define “you”. But to cut out the task for you, and to ascertain that you don’t use a product that is inimical to your health, we have created this post for you.

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Ingredients Required

The ingredients required to achieve a complete DIY skin overhaul has been mentioned below, coupled with everything that you ought to know about them.

a) Watts Beauty Generic Hyaluronic Acid Serum


The Watts Hyaluronic Serum is known to penetrate deep into your facial skin cells, providing a feeling of comfort, and effectively negating any tiredness born throughout the day. This product radically transforms and hydrates your face to provide you with a soothing and calming experience.

Also, it is known to be safe for people of all ages, especially ones who want to reverse the unwelcome effects of ageing and are looking forward to tackling such an ageing process. And the best part, it’s cheap! You could get a radiant and envious skin for a mere pittance. Definitely, one to use.

And, this item is known to be 98% natural, having undergone the varied and stringent regulatory procedures to lay emphasis to this claim. So you could be sure of its beneficial effects on your skin, minus any chemical ingredients that may harm it in the long run.

Did you know that Hyaluronic Acid is known to be the fountain of youth? This claim has a firm basis, based on its usage over thousands of years, after all, our ancestors are known to be the progenitors of body-benefitting natural products, isn’t it? The product penetrates your skin deeply and would make certain that you feel a sense of soothing massage, coupled with a feeling of an extensive amount of water retention.

To quote an example, babies have such gleaming and soft skins because of the amount of Hyaluronic acid that their skin produces. If your skin could reciprocate such an effect, then you could be well on your way to acquiring such a “babyish” look!

b) OZ Natural’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum +Vitamin C (More Expensive Option)


It uses the same formula as the product mentioned above, but with the addition of Vitamin C to it. The OZ Hyaluronic Acid serum is meant to offset the damage caused to the skin cells due to aging. The principle behind this aging process is the sagging of the skin, especially on the fine lining of neck and face. This product arrests that damage by properly hydrating the areas that have been affected.

Although the product is aimed at repairing and healing such an age-related process, it could be used by women of all ages. After all, as we grow older, the healing factor present in our skins slowly start to depreciate. This product would help correct such an error, and provide you with an ever-gleaming and radiant skin.

Also, the Vitamin-C present in this product encourages rapid cell regeneration. You must already know about the benefits of oranges on our skin, and how it counters age-related problems. Well, Vitamin-C is the reason behind it, as it hampers the progress of antioxidants on our skin while repairing the damage caused by such free-radicals.

Though it is worth noting that the product is expensive, and its usage is based on your preference. If you feel like taking that extra mile towards a revitalized skin, then you could try this product. Otherwise, the one mentioned above works just as well, if not better.

c) Nubian African Black Soap


The Nubian African Black Soap is a deep cleansing soap, having found extensive usage in various African countries over many centuries. It has been used as an ailment for many skin related issues like acne, eczema, oily skin and much more. Also boasting an all-natural ingredients list like palm ash, tamarind extract, tar and plantain peel, Vitamin-E etc. So, you could rest assured that it won’t have any inimical effect on your skin.

The soap is known to be quite efficient with it usage, and the users have seen results within a time-frame of a week! With many of its user’s experiencing a radical transformation in their skins, coupled with a glow that they hadn’t noticed before. And it could also offset any damages caused due to razors, a plus for men looking towards buying one such product.

It could be used by people from any age group. You don’t have to suffer from all the ailments mentioned above to use it. After all, prevention is always better than cure, and using this product on a daily basis could prevent any such problem from cropping up. An additional bonus of this product is the price, it’s ridiculously cheap. Hence, you won’t have to splurge extensively to buy a product that could do wonders to your skin!

d) Clay Facial

GLL Facial

Clay facial is a method that has been used over the ages to provide its user’s with a radiant and ever glowing skin. You could also benefit from it immensely if you use it in the correct fashion, and with the right advice. The ingredients that you need to accumulate have been mentioned below.

(i) Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay


It is bentonite clay from the death valley in California, having been dried in the open at high temperatures. The mask produced by using this clay is known to beautify and refresh your face, the usage of this clay has been known to be centuries old. Also, it could be used to soothe the pain related to insect bites, as well as major skin ailments, thanks to its superb healing qualities.

(ii) Activated Black Charcoal Powder


Activated Black Charcoal powder is used to trap any chemicals present in the body, preventing them from spreading out, in turn, facilitating their removal from the body. It could be made from a variety of sources, though to avoid any unwarranted harm to your body, it is recommended that you buy one that has an all natural ingredients list.

It reduces acne and skin related ailments from your face, and could also provide you respite in the case of an insect bite. Also, it could check any spot related damages on your skin.

(iii) Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder


Another ingredient that helps detoxify the skin, providing you with a gleamingly radiant skin. This ingredient is known to carry ten times as much antioxidant content as normal tea ( which is also used for skin care). Due to this fact, it finds wide usage, and it highly recommended by skin care experts and its user’s alike.
It contains chlorophyll that is known to counter the ill-effects of free radicals, as well as provide your face with a rejuvenating look. Such free radicals are known to bring about a reparable damage to your skin, and could also hasten the aging process in the long run. The use of this ingredient would counter any such effect.

3) How to Use and Apply the Products

This section would take you through the most tried and tested ways of using the products mentioned above. Using them in the ways mentioned below would ascertain a faster and more effective healing process.

a) How to use the Hyaluronic Acid Serum

You may use the product in the morning or in the night, before sleeping. Though, due to the marked potency of this product, it is recommended that you take it slow initially. You could use it before going to sleep every night, at least for the first week, then gradually increase the usage as you get more attuned to the product. This would ensure that you don’t feel any discomfort while using the product.

You are to apply the serum once you have properly cleaned your face, and have patted it dry. Now, apply a thin layer of the serum over the desired area, and wait for it to settle before washing. Although the product is known to show instant results, a more achievable goal could be seen within a month of its first use.

b) Applications of the African Black Soap

With the first use, you may notice some dryness and tightness on your skin, even if you have oily skin. Worry not, this is how the soap fights impurities and excess oil, once the initial first week has passed, and the PH level of your face is balanced you wouldn’t experience this uneasiness anymore.

To ascertain that the soap doesn’t jar your skin in any manner, break bits of it, and roll it into a ball, and then gently rub it onto your skin. If you experience excessive dryness, use a little of it. Also, if you plan on using the soap in its original form, make sure that you do it ever so gently, otherwise the sides may dishevel and break your skin tissue.

Use a little of the soap during the initial days, especially if you have reactive skin, and don’t keep it on for a long duration. Also make sure that you use a very small amount, around the size of a marble, as that would be more than enough to properly cleanse your skin.

c) How to Make the Clay Mask

The Indian healing clay acts as the base and the basis of the clay mask, with the other ingredients activated black charcoal powder and Match Green tea powder, spread out in an equivalent amount. Roughly, the healing clay takes up 50% of the clay mask, while the activated black charcoal powder and the Matcha Green tea powder make up the other half, in equal appropriations of 25% each.

Upon mixing the ingredients as mentioned above, you would get a greenish-black mixture. To mix the ingredients thoroughly all you need is a little bowl and a spoon ( or any other small object ). Though, it is worth mentioning that such a concoction has to have just the right amount of water, as any excessive water may make it too “liquidy” and a dearth of water would take it too “hard” to apply on your face.

Creating a mixture with the right amount of water may take some trial and error. But don’t worry, it would come to you after two or three initial tries. The ingredients are to be mixed well, and you have to make certain that there are no rough patches left in the mixture, as these patches may hinder proper application.

Once you have created one such mixture of the clay mask, you have to move onto the next step. This step encapsulates applying it religiously across your face, firmly covering the areas you want to be covered specifically. Also, if you pre-brew the green tea it would provide you with a more soothing and cooling experience. But, nonetheless, its application would mimic the application of a coolant on your face and would imitate a pulling motion.

You shouldn’t be alarmed at this pulling motion since the product is meant to work that way. This is something that guys may find uneasy on first use, but girls may already have been accustomed to. After applying it firmly on your face, you have to let it rest for a period of thirty minutes, to make sure that the clay mask has been given the right amount of time to works its magic.

Once you have waited long enough for it to work its wonder, you could jump right into the shower and rinse off the mixture. It is bound to be more potent when you use it before sleeping, as it would leave your face with more time to reap its benefits. Using it in the morning may inhibit some of its benefits, especially if your work involves going out a lot.

You would see the improvements within a month, with a remarkable change in your skin tone and the sheen on your skin. After using this product, you would become a firm believer of all-natural products! After all, its efficacy has been established over years of usage, as have been mentioned in the sections above.