Mobile Legends: Bang Bang [Battle Spells Guide]

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Welcome to the MLBB battle spell guide! Below are a list of battle spells you can choose for your character. Depending on who you are using, you should choose battle spells that complement your character.


NameLevel RequiredDescriptionUseful For
Retribution1Deals 600 points of true damage to nearby monsters or minions and raise damage to monsters 3. The ability conceal can be used when its in cooldownFighter
Execute3Deals 300-1000 pts of true damage to a specified hero (grows with level).Fighter
Fury5Lowers one's own defence 20%, increases attack speed 55% and physical attack 15%, Lasts 5s.Marksman
Assault7Immediately increases movement speed 42%. This effect slowly fades over 7s.Tank/Marksman
Healing Spell8Regens 10% HP for you and nearby teammates. If only 1 ally hero receives healing, the effect will increase 50%.Support/Tank
Interference11Silence defense turrets for 5s and lowers their defense 10.Tank/Fighter
Stun13Stuns all surrounding enemies 0.5s and then slows them down for 1s.Fighter/Marksman
Purify15Removes all negative effects and grants immunity from disables for 2s and raises movement speed 30%.Support
Weaken17Reduces a specified hero's movement speed 30% and psysical and magic defence 40%. Lasts 3s.Mage
Flicker19Teleport a certain distance in a specified direction. For 1s after the teleport, duration of disabling effects will be reduced 50%.Fighter

Let’s go over some of the basics!

Execute – Great for front line fighters that need the last bit of damage to kill running foes. Is also a viable spell for burst damage mages.

Retribution – Great for jungling.

Fury – A double edged sword for your character. Use this at your own risk.

Assault – Great for tanks and fighters to gap close to ranged characters. Also useful for ranged characters to run away from fast mofos like Yun Zhao.

Healing Spell – Great for marksman for that extra heal.

Interference – Great when tower seiging. Melee attackers could make good use of this.

Stun – Viable CC for tanks and fighters!

Purify – Bring this if you see the enemy team has a lot of crowd control.