Mobile Strike Armory

Mobile Strike Armory

The armory  enables you to manufacture equipment for your Commander. This allows you to combine Mods and Materials to improve their quality. This is vital to your success in increasing construction speed and efficiency.

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Here are the things you can manufacture with the armory:


  • Special Event Gear
  • Helmets
  • Body Armor
  • Footwear
  • Weapons
  • Accessories

Each item can vary depending on item grade. Below is a chart of the requirements of getting a higher level armory.


PowerBuilding Requirements
14003003008000h 1m 15s
10Iron Mine 1
26805105101,3600h 2m 30s
25Iron Mine 2
31,1568678672,3120h 5m 0s
40Iron Mine 3
41,9661,4741,4743,9310h 10m 0s
60Iron Mine 4
53,3432,5062,5066,6830h 20m 0s
90Iron Mine 5
66,6865,0125,01213,3660h 40m 0s
135Iron Mine 6
713,37210,02410,02426,7321h 20m 0s
215Iron Mine 7
824,07020,04818,04358,8102h 48m 0s
310Iron Mine 8
953,48844,10634,08296,2355h 12m 0s
475Iron Mine 9
1088,25554,13048,115160,39210h 8m 0s
715Iron Mine 10
11108,31390,21676,684264,64712h 28m 48s
1,075Iron Mine 11
12180,522135,324135,324360,88215h 21m 36s
1,610Iron Mine 12
13270,783202,986202,986541,32318h 25m 56s
2,425Iron Mine 13
14406,175304,479304,479811,98522h 7m 8s
3,640Iron Mine 14
15609,263456,719456,7191,217,9781d 2h 32m
5,460Iron Mine 15
16913,895685,079685,0791,826,9671d 7h 51m
8,200Iron Mine 16
171,370,8431,027,6191,027,6192,740,4511d 20h 35m
12,315Iron Mine 17
182,056,2651,541,4291,541,4294,110,6772d 23h 20m
18,460Iron Mine 18
193,084,3982,312,1442,312,1446,166,0165d 8h 25m
27,700Iron Mine 19
204,626,5973,468,2163,468,2169,249,0249d 15h 9m
41,565Iron Mine 20
216,939,8965,202,3245,202,32413,873,53638d 12h 39m
62,335Iron Mine 21