Mobile Strike Bank

Mobile Strike Bank

The banks generate coins for your base and also increasing coin capacity. Higher level banks produce more coins. At level 21, the bank provides a 2% troop attack boost. With multiple banks at max level, your troops become stronger.

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Oil Well

Banks are very important to gaining power. Not only does banks increase your coin capacity, it also increases training speed of your buildings. That means the more banks you have, the faster your troops are trained. That is why you see high level players build a lot of banks.

Below is the chart for the requirements and resources needed to get your bank to max level.

1200200500500h 1m 0s
Oil Well 1 Farm 110
2340340850850h 1m 40s
Oil Well 2 Farm 225
35785781,4451450h 3m 20s
Oil Well 3 Farm 340
49839832,4572470h 6m 40s
Oil Well 4 Farm 460
51,6721,6724,1774200h 13m 20s
Oil Well 5 Farm 590
63,3343,3348,3548400h 26m 40s
Oil Well 6 Farm 6135
76,6886,68816,7081,6800h 53m 20s
Oil Well 7 Farm 7215
812,03813,37630,0743,6961h 52m 0s
Oil Well 8 Farm 8310
926,75229,42756,8076,0483h 28m 0s
Oil Well 9 Farm 9475
1044,14136,11580,19810,0806h 45m 20s
Oil Well 10 Farm 10715
1160,19260,192150,37215,1208h 32m 0s
Oil Well 11 Farm 111075
1290,28890,288225,55822,68010h 14m 24s
Oil Well 12 Farm 121610
13135,432135,432338,33734,02012h 17m 17s
Oil Well 13 Farm 132425
14203,148203,148507,50651,03014h 44m 45s
Oil Well 14 Farm 143640
15304,722304,722761,25976,54517h 41m 3sOil Well 15 Farm 155460
16457,083457,0831,141,889114,81821h 14m 3s
Oil Well 16 Farm 168200
17685,625685,6251,712,834172,2271d 5h 43m
Oil Well 17 Farm 1712315
181,028,4381,028,4382,569,251258,3411d 23h 33mOil Well 18 Farm 1818460
191,542,6571,542,6573,853,877387,5123d 13h 37m
Oil Well 19 Farm 1927700
202,313,9862,313,9865,780,816581,2686d 10h 6m
Oil Well 20 Farm 2041565
213,470,9793,470,9798,671,224871,90225d 16h 26m
Oil Well, 21 Farm 2162335